Landscape/Horticulture Technology with Garrett

[ Sound Effects ]>>I want to work hard. And I want to do every job that
I’m on the best that I can, the best of my ability. My name is Garrett Book. I’m from Lancaster,
Pennsylvania. I’m an ornamental
horticulture major at Penn College and I love it. [ Sound Effects ]>>I love working with
my hands and I have to get my hands dirty. [ Sound Effects ]>>I need to work outside. I learned that about myself
before I came to Penn College that hard work keeps
me grounded. Ornamental horticulture is
a relatively broad field. It’s landscaping,
it’s floral design, it’s greenhouse production,
nursery production. Specifically, I am interested
in the landscape design aspect of ornamental horticulture. Landscaping for me, it re-energizes me
more than anything. A good night’s sleep
doesn’t quite compare to a hard day at landscaping. As we come into the end of
the semester here, my fourth and final semester
at Penn College, you realize that your
classes have been transformed from lecture in the classroom to working almost full
time everyday putting in five days a week,
eight hours a day and it’s not lecture anymore. [ Sound Effects ]>>It’s a pretty big
project that we have that will involve making a
walkway through this area and the center piece
is an abstract art, a welded sheet metal
surrounded by two sitting walls. It’s a lot of fun to be
a part of and I think, of all my classes, this
one gives you the most real-life experience. [ Sound Effects ]>>And I’ve got to say
that every experience here at Penn College has been a
terrific learning experience. [ Sound Effects ]>>Terrified of heights. [ Sound Effects ]>>I like landscaping. Landscape design is a very
dynamic practice and that can be from standing at a
landscape and looking around, but it can also be at a desk
inside using your imagination above all else. You have to be able to imagine
what the finished landscape will look like before a
single, a hole is dug. [ Sound Effects ]>>I’ve enjoyed here at
Penn College the friendship with fellow students. You meet people who
have the same interests and the same passions as you. Before I came to Penn College
I didn’t know anyone under 50 that was interested in
gardening and plants. Here when you can share that
passion with someone your age, it’s a unique culture. It’s very different. Grateful is an understatement
for how I will feel and how I do feel about my
education here at Penn College. Years down the road, I
will undoubtedly look back and recognize, I think
probably better than I do now, how significant my time
here has been to my career. I can’t express how proud I
am to be part of this class, to have met and worked with
you, the inspirational students and the devoted faculty,
and I am humbled to speak as a representative of
this class in the company of such tremendous individuals. It’s truly an honor. So, be proud of yourselves, every one of you,
you deserve it. Congratulations. [ Applause ]

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