Landscape Photographer Jim Bones on the Big Bend- Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Dreams have played a big part of my life and I pay attention to them because
they’re coming from that place that is impossible of hipocracy. And I had a dream over and over again
that said if you want to know who you are go first to the mountains and then to the sea. And the nearest mountains then when I was
living in Austin were in the Big Bend so we came out for the Thanksgiving I
had 10 sheets have color film and many sheets of black and white,
but this is my first real adventure with color film in the Big Bend. I got back and I realized that I’m going back
many many times because it had the mountains and rivers
and from that grew… from that grew my lifelong love of the
Rio Grande. One morning in October on Sunday morning
I think it was – I woke up and things weren’t looking right outta
my right eye there were all of these sparkly flashes of light and as I look very
closely it it look like the world was peeling of as wallpaper and it was opaque whose grey opaque with weird flashing on it and I was in denial about it, I don’t
know something’s going on – it’s Sunday what am I gonna do? all the next day I continued in denial
until about three in the afternoon I called my my opthamologist and said something’s
happening and he said well come right over he took one look in there and said you having
a retinal detachment he called the surgeons he said Doug you’re not going
home is like 4:30 – he said you can see this man because he has no more than 48 hours to have this
restored or he will lose sight. The result of all that however was – being
a photographer I felt like my whole photographic
career was over. I couldn’t see well enough to register dye transfer, my color vision was really
weird, I was very depressed. Well with regard to my eyes, they
certainly aren’t getting any better but they haven’t gotten any worse at
this point I have developed a cataract in the left
eye and that’s discolored things, it’s about like
an 81B filter…or C and the right eye – the one
that had the two retinal detachments sees very good color but it’s kinda
looking through a fish tank it’s like looking through water so I have
to judge color with one eye and sharpness with another but that’s okay I’m happy with that and the fact that I can see it all is quite remarkable – it’s really miraculous. The world is not the sharp-edged world that I first noticed when I got
into four by five photography. It is an Impressionist world and I can understand how Matisse and those people late in life started
doing large, fuzzy things of color as
opposed to precise detail. But it’s still a wonderful
world to see – It’s so beautiful – and I’m still happy to share it.


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