Landscape Photography at Sunset – Seascapes, Reflections and Table Mountain

hi guys if you want to ruin your landscape photography shoot, i can tell you a few good ways in which you can do that. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my very short landscape photography career. I don’t know what I was thinking and I’ve lost all the light. I was shooting at f/4 of an aperture value which means a very shallow depth-of-field. Secondly i forgot the shutter release at home, and seascape photography is all about timing. i do not have any shutter release cable attached. You want to catch the wave as it comes towards you. You want to catch the wave as it is going back. So today is attempt number two. The weather is looking extremely nice which is a brilliant opportunity for me to get some Redemption. Hi guys welcome to sunset beach, welcome to my playground We are back and hopefully i will not be making blunders that I made two days ago. So I’ve got my shutter release cable. I’ve got the camera settings checked. I’ve got my battery chargerd I’ve got the sd card formatted. And this is a list that I follow, you can find it on my website. I’ll put the pre-shoot checklist in the description below. Fortunately for us the clouds are quite high and i am expecting a gorgeous sunset as always. Simplicity is beauty as well. Things do not have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. It’s not my own quote by the way, I heard it in a movie. So there are a few options that I have right now, one is that I enjoy the walk on the beach. It is making me feel alive after a very long time. And the other option is that i set up and taken photos. I think i’m gonna do the setup right now for you guys. I must tell you that this is the simplest shoot in the world. It’s the mountain. It’s the beach. It’s the sun behind the mountain, and that’s it. The only thing that can go wrong is mother nature bringing more clouds or me screwing up everything. It is a simple as that there are no tricks in this shoot. There are no tricks. So I’m in aperture priority mode, I normally start with a aperture priority mode. I am putting up my LEEFilter holder kit in case I need to use filters. I have reset my ISO to ISO 64. On the D810 that’s the best possible ISO that one can have. Well, you can go lower than that but i like to keep it on the factory default. which is ISO 64. Cleaning up my lens. The lens is clean. The lens cloth must be handy. And here is my shutter release. For this beach normally, I try to use these small rock as my foreground. And no i do not get tired of the beach, i do not, i love this place. The scene is just simple. A few rocks on white sand, reflection in the middle-ground Table Mountain on my left. A drowning sun on my right side. One good click and I am done. what am I looking for in my composition? Well as you can see the waves are not very aggressive, they’re sneaking in and they are going back into the sea and leaving a beautiful reflective mirror on the sand. It is almost acting like soup. I feel like having ice skates on, and going into that sea. Far into the horizon. The sunset about five minutes ago. One of the rules that I learned the hard way is that you need to keep shooting even after the sunset. The magic has only just begun. The photo here are going to be quite similar. I only have this beach so please do not think that my composition is boring and i am showing you photos over and over again. It is just that that I need to take the opportunity while i’m at the beach. I need to take photos from various angle and choose from the best. I am of the opinion that if you have the opportunity, avail it. Chane your angles. Compress the scene. uncompressed the scene. And also try to take vertical photos. Just in case, just in case…. National Geographic calls you. I really enjoyed my sunset. I really enjoyed my sunset. I felt alive. I was deperate for a beautiful sunset for a very long time now, and by very long time I mean a month. I’ve not been able to enjoy landscpae photography because of my work commitment. This was a big break. I hope the photos came nice as well, and i hope you enjoyed it. This is Mujahid. Please subscribe to my channel. Press the thumbs up button. I will see you in the next vlog. bye bye.


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