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Happy New Year to everyone it’s great to see you all here again today’s video will be a little different, I think it’s too soon to have a Lightroom tutorial or to talk about photography gear and it is also to cold to go out and take pictures but maybe this is just a little excuse, but because at the beginning of the year, we all make new resolutions I am going to share some of the thoughts that I hope will help me to shape my 2019, a lot of you guys are passionate about photography and outdoors just like me so possibly you might find that some of my intents will apply to you too, and if that is the case write me a comment about that, of course I am not going to sit here and just read my script to you, I put some more thoughts into this and actually I made a short film, mainly using images filmed with my drone in New Zealand last spring and if you saw my last week video, you will know that that was a key moment for me where I believe my path took a turn a good turn so I combined my thoughts with images and with music that ideally will take you, at lease for a few minutes, away, now sit back relax…


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