Landscape Photography in Greece with Morten Hilmer

so with Morten Hilmer here I wanted to cover
some more distance and to do that you can’t really do it on Pegasus
so I’ve rented a car I’m gonna go pick up Morten now and we’re gonna go cruise
somewhere on Crete and try to find the cool landscape to photograph sorry Pegasus I’m cheating on you hey man! say hi to me what’s going on how’s your
morning like awesome you might want to move that seat back yeah yeah okay so
Morten’s here again Morten Hilmer and we’re not going to photograph wildlife
because we did some research quickly to see if there was wildlife in Crete we
found this mystery cat that was called the Cretan Lynx or something like that
and we’ve never seen a picture of it because it’s so hard to find so instead
we’re gonna go find like a landscape and work for you yeah you’ve gotta know what
he’s got no choice I got your coffee thanks buddy
extra sugar I think I found Morten some wildlife
there’s some goats up on the road we are off the beaten path here in Crete for
sure we’re definitely off the paved road we’re going up and over this mountain
pass and I’m told according to Google Maps that there’s a beach on the other
side and hopefully our little rental car can make it but we’re basically we’re in
the mountains it’s dry it’s sunny it’s hot and the views are crazy as I just
scare the goat away two one we are on the most incredible
road in Greece that I’ve seen so far we’re twisting down the side of this
cliff that’s the sea that way I don’t know if you can see it into the back
light there are some huge Peaks and it is absolutely incredible
desolate remote and probably the worst place you ever want to be if you’re
running out of gas on that note we’re running out of gas I made the assumption
that when we picked up the rental car there’d be fuel in it there wasn’t so
we’re running out of gas it’s already blinking low fuel we don’t want to run
out of fuel here because we’ll be in the middle of nowhere so being sensible
which Morten is he’s decided that we’re gonna turn around we’re gonna turn
around we’re gonna find a fuel station hopefully before we run out of gas and
then try to book it back here before sunset it’s already almost 5pm sunset’s
at 8:00 so we are gonna have to be quick but it does make more sense rather than
you know dying out here we don’t even have water no water no fuel that’s just
a bad idea we made it. we got fuel are you happy
about that? yeah definitely yeah and I found some nice cold chocolate in the
chocolate and fuel were sorted and I think we still have tons of time I think
it’s like maybe yeah maybe cost us 40 minutes so we’ll be back in time for
sunset I think so I think my buddy Thomas Heaton would
be proud of this moment because I’m about to take out a long lens and take a
picture of a tree I’m not sure it’s gonna work but I’ve got my polarized
sunglasses on and driving down this road I just see these trees that are stuck
out here in the middle of the like in the middle of the desert essentially
this arid landscape and they just look phenomenal the contrast of the green to
the to the red and grays and I think if I get a polarizer on and a kind of angle
so I’m not directly into the backlight they’ll really really pop out I don’t
know if it’ll look good it’s gonna be a simple photo probably the 100-400mm
straight into this but yeah it’s just the contrast is so incredible I have to
shoot it the reason that this landscape image has potential
to work is because the sunlight is coming in hot at the top as you can
probably see by my face being absolutely lit by it and it’s catching all these
trees but there’s a massive rock face that’s blocking the light on that side
so it’s creating this huge shadow and it’s just accentuating the contrast now
my polarizer didn’t work the polarizer doesn’t tend to work straight into the
Sun it works best when it’s at a 90 degree angle to the Sun so I ended up
taking it off but that wasn’t the biggest issue the biggest issue is that
there’s too many trees that I couldn’t isolate one single tree as I need to
block the Sun obviously I couldn’t isolate one single tree and it’s just a
little bit cluttered but just based on the light it’s phenomenal
so I’ll probably keep these images and I guess we better get down to the
beach cuz sunsets coming up quick compared to Denmark how’s the weather Same like in Denmark but so much warmer I think I I’m still not what I say when
you get used to it another temperature may be I’m so sticky or lower just
information yes so we made it down to Kazoumou and it’s not a Danish thing
I’ve been here for a month and I’m still not acclimatized to the heat I’m
sweating it is hot yeah kudumo I think is the place that we are at I had no
idea what was here I just did a Google search and it looked interesting there
are some people here there’s an old monastery here and I apparently there’s
a cave here so we’re gonna hopefully find something to take photos of we’ve
got the master of wildlife photography here he’s got a big ol lens in a
backpack but I get the feeling we’re gonna put on something a little bit
wider today for landscape photography there’s a little bit worried when we got
here because there’s it’s just a big open beach but there was a sign saying
there was a cave that’s what I found on Google Maps as well and I think when you
have a cave like this you can create cool stuff a little bit later at night
just because you can use shadows and frames I don’t think this is as good of
frame as I expected it to be but we’re gonna keep looking okay so it turns out
the second cave is awesome and the water is so clear here it’s unreal it’s one of
those things that if photography is trial and error even when you’re a pro
you can kind of guess what’s gonna happen but you don’t always know what’s
gonna happen and so this is part of that trial and potentially error but let’s
set up the gear and see if it works is there anything better than shooting
landscape photography or photography in general with your feet in the waves it’s
so nice I’m going crazy in here with the filters
I’ve got a three-stop hard grad ND and the four stop medium grad that’s seven
stops of light crushing into this and I’m basically just trying to time some
waves I want maybe a two-second exposure so I’m gonna go ISO 200 two seconds f11
let’s get that sorted and that was the exactly what I wanted to happen
I basically the waters really really calm it’s way too calm if I go too long
with the exposure it’ll just flatten it out and it won’t have any drama at two
seconds if I can catch one of these waves coming through here I think one’s
about to go right like that it will show that whiteness that smokiness in the
water and right now it almost looks a little bit to HDR because I’ve got too
many filters on but it’s just kind of how it has to be
I’ve also got a polarizer on to cut out some of the glare on the water and yeah
it looks like a simple image but believe me this wasn’t a simple one to produce so I’m not sure of this photo it’s gonna
work it’s looks okay on the back of the camera it’s one of those images I think
that just needs some post-processing maybe to be brought to life I definitely
can’t fault the light purple and blues in the skies just the way you would like
them here let’s go see what Morten’s doing so I love watching photographers from
other fields take pictures of landscapes because they just have a different eye
and an eye that I don’t have and as soon as I look at the back of their cameras I
can tell what they’re trying to do but I would have never seen that so it looks
like Morten’s got I don’t know tell me what you’ve got going on yeah I’m just
trying to always kind of like my beef is very simple and I get confused by all
the shapes and stuff so I try to find one one little thing and try to make the
water help me I like to photograph in snow so I thought with the long exposure
I can turn the water into snow and create my own little landscape of simply
simply PCT yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s funny because like I said I never would
have thought of this image myself I woke up saw it more than had this camera
pointed on that way yeah I like it that’s nice it’s just like this little
u-shape and then you’ve got a center rock in the inside and then some water
smashing through and as you mentioned when a nice bit of wave comes through
turns it to snow or smoke this is this is fantastic hey yeah it’s
really nice it’s really really nice I think both landscape and wildlife
photography is very similar and that it just puts you into nature it just puts
you on a beach or it puts you in a field or a forest or somewhere it just puts
you in nature and it’s just such a rewarding feeling it’s such a peaceful
feeling we’re done I I honestly don’t know if I
got a photo what I do know is I had fun I had such a good time it was beautiful
the water is nice and it’s good to have Morten’s company. if you haven’t checked
out Morten’s channel yet be sure to go check it out especially when he gets to
Crete because you’ll probably get to see him try to do some landscape photography
and I think the reality is he’s probably really good at it the thing about good
photographers is they can do any type of photography um landscape photography was
cool there another thing I love about landscape photography is you can almost
always find a location no matter where you are sometimes all you need is a tiny
little cave and some rocks and Greece has lots of rocks tomorrow we’ll be back
with Morten we’re heading up to Chania and it should be amazing see you guys
there peace


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