Landscape Photography on the Canon 100-400mm in Ushguli

okay day two of the two day photography vlog is
starting right now and we were in there Scully we ended up sorting out our
accommodation yeah we’ve got a place to stay tonight so let’s get checked in and
then we’ll get out and shoot some photos guest house is definitely guest hosi we
paid $22 a night for this which is not great value to be honest but I mean with
a location like this you don’t really care we have a view straight out at the
mountains and a couple of the towers it’s pretty epic and I think it’ll be a
cool vibe we’re eating at the guesthouse as well so let’s go do that get some
energy for our sunset shoot **Telephoto time lapse squenece** I gotta say it’s only like twenty-one
twenty-two hundred meters here and I’m struggling a little bit with the
altitude or maybe not struggling but definitely feeling it in my chest which
is crazy because I usually don’t feel it until about three thirty three hundred
meters but yeah cool we’re at the guest house the guest house is cool they’ve
laid out a bunch of food for us basically all of the houses here in town
have converted into guest house guest houses and I think it’s awesome to see
how tourism can help in development how tourism can infuse money into the local
economy like it is here in town Greg, you hungry? I am hungry this looks
amazing how awesome is this for where we are?
What are you gonna eat first? I think I’m gonna tuck into this soup and then maybe
a little bit of the beans in the bowl I haven’t had much of the Georgia bread
yet so that’s pretty good; chicken salad the eggplant salad don’t you wait you
said first right? basically when you hang out with Greg eats all the food and you
just get the scraps leftover okay we’re off on our photography adventure. it
is 7:00 p.m. or just after 7:00 Sun sets at 8:30 alpenglow potential is at about
8 o’clock usually about a half an hour 15 minutes before sunset and we have no
idea where we’re going literally no clue but when we did drive
in we saw what looked like one of these old buildings with the towers isolated
back towards this mountain and the crazy thing is that mountain is actually
Russia so in a way I’m basically Sarah Palin I can see Russia from my backyard
which is awesome and yeah hopefully we get some light hopefully I survived the
hike don’t know why the altitude’s beating me so bad today so Jodie’s just seen a sheep so there’s a
good chance she won’t be joining us for sunset um Jodies’s feeling altitude too which makes me feel better are you not short of breath or anything
so I’m the only one feeling the altitude um town is really cool the town is
really really cool and I think tomorrow morning we’re gonna
photograph town some other way but right now I think this scene is gonna be all
about this mountain and you’ve got this building in the foreground and with a
nice backdrop of leading lines up to some alpenglow I could be happy so compression is a funny thing
telephoto compression can make this scene look epic we found this spot and I
think this is the shot even though if you were to just walk up here you’d
think you want to get closer to that old building which I’m assuming is a church
because I see a cross and I know nothing about this
but with telephoto compression it reaches out in the landscape and makes
the building look really dramatic under a massive mountain and the reason I’m
shooting it right here I’m gonna shoot it right here is because the way the
shadows are it almost creates a frame around the building and I think this is
gonna be perfect and the photo will look nothing like this basically as soon as I stopped filming and put away the 100-400mm that the light stopped being in the back of this shot where I needed to frame it
so I think we’re gonna move a little bit farther that way and maybe get a little
bit more of the dramatic peak so we’re gonna walk up a little bit higher here so I haven’t talked about the new lenses
recently but I do have two new lenses 24 to 70 and the 100-400mm and both of the
lenses are what I’m working with today and actually I like them both
I’m using the 24 to 70 more than I expected and finding myself at least
with landscape shooting a lot 50 to 70 I had no idea how often I’d want to be
that focal length and right now I’m exactly that focal length I’m using kind
of this valley to create a V that leads straight into the old church with the
mountains at the backdrop there’s some clouds right now on the peaks and
eventually if this catches light it’ll be amazing but I’m going to show you an
image right now because I’m taking an image right now just to make sure I get
something I’ve got a 4 stop medium grad on and yeah I think like light or no
light is such a beautiful scene that it just works so we’re gonna whisper light and I’m
gonna shoot this and then basically switch between this and the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 because the 100-400mm vertical and totally tele-
compressed is just gonna look ultra dramatic Greg’s got the drone up and I’m kind of
kicking myself for not taking my drone on this trip just because I actually
think the best photo is probably just a drone photos slightly elevated right in
front of this with the mountains in the backdrop how’s it look
yeah it looks amazing one of my favorite things about shooting
in Georgia is almost every time we’ve gone out to take pictures there’s been a
dog that’s come and join us and they don’t like bark they don’t cause trouble
they kind of just come and lay by you and act cute not sure how Greg spotted this but way
off that way it’s just screaming behind me I don’t know what Greg spotted this
but there’s two black spots way out that way and Greg’s like I think those are
two priests and if you’ve come to Georgia or if you haven’t seen them
Google like an old Georgian priest I think is probably the best way to say it
to describe it but they kind of looked the same way you think of maybe a cleric
in the Middle East they have black robes on in these big beards and they look
really kind of intense and there’s two of them on a hill way out back that way
and I just took the 100-400mm and I don’t think the photos any good because
it’s really hard to show what it is even at 400mm but I took some video
on the cropped 4k I think it looks so cool so that kind of brings me to the `00-400mm I was worried that I was gonna pack it around and not use it very much I
think I’ve actually taken as many photos of my 100-400mm as all the rest of my
lenses combined so far I’m absolutely loving it it’s sharp it’s crisp it’s
fast to focus the video looks good the stabilization looks good and it might be
my favorite lens I basically filmed a whole vlog just
standing in one spot and I feel kind of proud about that the light was really
nice but it wasn’t epic but yeah it was still beautiful in this scene I think it
doesn’t matter what the light looks like at this scene it’s so cool that it just
it just works Greg and I are gonna get up early tomorrow morning and shoot
probably one of the villages one of the town’s because this is beautiful it’s
interesting but I think also the towns are really nice it might just need to be
a little bit later in the morning when there’s light coming through the valley
so check for that vlog tomorrow and I guess I’ll see you there


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