LARGE FORMAT landscape photography | 4×5 | Broadwater Warren

Morning everyone. I am out in my local
area today. This place is called Broadwater Warren and it’s an RSPB Nature
Reserve and I know that they’ve been doing quite a lot of clearing to try and
obviously encourage back the bird population and bring back native
British trees, broadleaf trees and get rid of some of the conifer stock that
they’ve got here which was sort of around from the time of the War when
they needed it for the timber. I found that this little clump of
five tall conifers here which just looks good together
I mean it’s a odd number of 3, 5, 7 is always good so I’m just waiting
for a bit of light to drop onto these trees so they just need a little bit of
something just to kind of make them pop a bit. I mean the sky is not too bad in
the background. We’ve got a bit of cloud so we should have a bit of
interest there the sun is coming up there’s quite a lot of low-level cloud
so I think it’s just going to keep popping through every so often so let me
get set up here and I’ll take you through it. So with this because it’s a
fairly sort of straight on shot I’ve just used a bit of front rise because
obviously looking up the top of the trees are just going out of the frame so
bit of front rise just corrects that brings them back in and yeah that’s
about it. So I’m actually going to use a red filter on it today. We’ve got a little bit of blue sky and these white fluffy clouds, so I want to try and get
a bit of separation between them and make the skies because dramatic as I can.
I’m going to build it up. It’s got quite a small filter thread on that lens – it’s
actually 40.5mm so I’ve actually had to use three screw-in, step-up rings just to get it up to 77mm which is my red filter size. I’m going to need to increase the
exposure by adding this red filter so to work out what I’m going to need to add, I
can take a meter reading of the sky, so let’s get it to f22 and then if
I add in the filter, it looks about two and a half stops, f16.5 down to about f8 so it’s between about 2 – 2.5 stops. So that sun is struggling to come through it is up there you can see behind me but
there’s a lot of cloud. It looks very pretty going over that way you got some
fantastic bands of cloud but that sun is struggling to pop through. It
has done it a couple of times but yeah not while I’ve been set up. I don’t
know whether to just keep waiting for it to come through or whether I just go
ahead with it as it is now. It’s quite nicely evenly lit it’s just that when I
saw it with a little bit of light especially on that top bit of
foliage it really did help. I think I’ll probably wait around a little bit
more and just see if I can just get a little bit of sun So for the metering of this shot, I’m
using Fomapan 100 black and white film and on my meter instead of setting it at
ISO 100, I’ve allowed for the red filter so that’s 2 – 2.5 stops so
I’ve dropped it down to ISO 20, so I’m going to meter at ISO 20 and I want to shoot at
about f22. So the darkest part is down bottom left of the tree and the
brightest part is going to be the one of the brightest clouds in the sky so I’ll meter for darkest and the lightest and there’s not actually a huge
range of exposures there, I mean it’s only about 4 stops, 4 to 5 stops
so what I’ll do is I’ll come up about a 1.5 stops from the darkest part,
let the sky go over – that’s fine, and so it brings me out about 0.5 seconds at f22 So if you’re wondering where Barney (my dog) is
today, I decided to leave him at home and this is a nature reserve and they
have certain dates where dogs need to be on leads and although that isn’t until
next week that the rule comes in, I just decided to leave him. I’m quite happy for
him to just go off and do his own thing he doesn’t really stray far from me and
I do trust him but I just thought I’ll leave him at home but part of me kind of
wishes he was here. I really miss not having him around and hopefully he will
be back for next one. So yes, please tune in if you only tune in to see Barney! No, I’m not going to photograph it. It
does look good but I haven’t got the right lens. I’m looking up. I want to try
and keep the sky out of the next shot because this sky is not doing anything
now, it’s pretty featureless and I’ll have to look up and yes, I need a
tighter lens to get in there just to get a little bit of that nice sort of
structure that’s going on in the middle that’s all I really like. I don’t
really want any of the background coming in, so that’s a no. So I’ve decided to get a shot here I
really wanted to get a shot with a tree coming out of the rock but all the ones
I found further up were too much looking up, there’s too much sky and I
didn’t really want that I just wanted just rock or tree so I’m going to stick
with this, just do it as a bit of a detail it’s quite sort of square on. We’ve just
got a nice diagonal coming in and coming in from the top there leading
down to this this root system down here So, yes, I’m going to shoot it I’m going
to a shot on colour negative, Kodak Ektar and I’ve metered about 10 seconds at f22.
We’ve got a really dark patch under there. I’m not too worried but I’m going
to stop down about 2.5 stops from that darkest spot right under there. Yes, so there we go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 So I think I might call it a day. I was
going to go on and do a third shot but I’m not really feeling it. The weather is pretty drab now. I’ve got a shot these these tall conifers but I
don’t think I really want to do anything else. I don’t really have any light to
play with, there’s nothing that’s kind of really jumping out at me so I think I
will call it a day. Thank you so much for watching again I promise Barney we’ll be
back next week and please leave me a comment, let me know what you thought of
the photos and I will see you next time okay. Cheers, bye-bye.

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