Last Human Souls 01 – O Planeta Prisão – Prision Planet – Desenho brasileiro – english subtitles

Planet Earth Dont move! Walled City Lundoo I can’t … move… AAAH! 16 hours later … Prison Planet Prisoner AJ9979. Prisoner AJ9979. – Answer! I can’t have a bit of privacy even at the time of my … evacuation MY GOD! What did you eat?
I think they gave you a rotten chirulian rat! Get on with it. There are some important people out there who want to see you. Okay, but I’m in the end, just hold on a little bit more … wait? … important People? Yes. Wash your hands, please! My God, what a stink! Sure you cleaned up right, you PIG? Get in there! Go! But who? Prisoner AJ9979? YES! Please, sit down. we need to talk! My name is Nika Akin! Yes, it is Nika from left to right also! yes it’s cool as hell! Actually I was going to say it was ridiculous but … you’re a kitten, I’ll keep quiet. Unfortunately I bring you very bad news about your planet, the Earth. Unfortunately 10 hours ago he was destroyed. WHAT?! What do you mean, it was destroyed? What was the conglomerate of planets that
united to destroy the earth? NONE! Hmm? It was actually humans themselves who destroyed the planet! It turns out you have no place to go back. I’m sorry. About that, well … I still have 50 years of pity to fulfill! … I won’t get out of here alive! I have a proposal to make for you. Like you, the last Earthman we met, we want to make a proposal. Really? Oh really! We want you to help us gather the last humans that are scattered throughout the cosmos. We will need to collect DNA of them all, and yours, of course, to recreate the
human race artificially. But don’t worry, besides you, we know there are only six other living humans. Let me see if I got this straight… Will you let me go? Of course you will have 24 hour surveillance but you can call this one
probation or assisted liberty. you will have a ship and a crew
following … a prorated robot with a calibrated system to locate humans I will be responsible for this mission and
closely monitor you! That if I accept the mission is not it? HAHAHAHA! I’m kidding, of course you accept! Wow, what an idiot! Well let’s take to a center of
recovery. Will cut your beard and hair and of course will give you a bath because you stink like rotten chirulian rat wow, it’s very disgusting. You are free … just don’t mess with thingd, fulfill orders, collect DNA! Complete your mission! Rescue the human race! prisoner AJ9979, what’s your real name? Aldo Jurê, and I will be the savior of the human race!


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