Launch day for UCLA’s ELFIN satellites

Today was the culmination of a ton of work. Probably about five years of work leading up to this, from a ton of different students. It’s really been I think a very emotional moment
for a lot of the students here. It gave me chills because it felt so unreal that, you know, everything that we
worked for is going in space. And it only felt real when we saw that bright light, and it going up and it’s just like oh my gosh. We see the bright flash and all sudden you realize that all our hopes and dreams poured it into this project are hurtling up into the atmosphere and it
just really takes your breath away. It was a really cool launch.
I was not expecting the bright light. But it’s over really fast.
It was very loud but still very exciting. I’ve seen a launch before, but watching a launch that, you know, you have a stake in
and you’re involved with it’s pretty amazing, truth be told. I just had a big stupid grin on my face the
whole time I was looking out. And now the real work for Mission Operations begins. The first communications pass is coming up
so that’s going to be… The real sense of relief is gonna come after that. I’m actually a flight operator so I gotta
head back down to UCLA to listen for the first signals and operate it. Working with students has been one of the most rewarding things I could ever have asked for, on top of building a satellite that goes on the space. Just being involved in such an
amazing project with such talented and really dedicated individuals
just really really gets me right here. That, my friends, is that.


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