Learn the Earth Turn Kendama Trick

This trick is called Earth Turn. It looks
like this. When you do Earth Turn all you are really
doing is throwing the tama up, it will rotate 360 degrees and land back on the spike. To
start this trick you are going to hold the kendama in the ken grip. One thin you can
do is modify the grip by putting your thumb on the big cup which gives you a little more
control, but you don’t have to do that. The first thing when you do this trick is
that you want to make sure that the big cup is facing you. If you do it with the small
cup facing you or with the cups pointing away from you in either direction, you can still
do the trick, but it is not quite right. This is actually a little easier, you will be surprised
to find that. There are a few tips that will help. The first
one is that like any kendama trick you want to be using your knees a lot. To get the tama
in the air you actually want to be using your knees to throw it up. The other action is
that you want to be using your wrist. That is how you get the tama to rotate. You combine
those actions. You want to experiment with your wrist a little
bit. You will notice if you flick harder or softer you can make the rotation go faster
or slower. When you are just starting it is a good idea to practice with the rotation
going a little slower. Outside of that, the one other tip that you
want is you want to make sure that when you are doing the trick you are not throwing the
tama way up into the air. You actually want to try to keep it somewhat close, and that
will make doing the trick a little bit easier. That is the Earth Turn.


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