LED Landscape Lighting With Variable Lumen Output VLO

Once again Kichler Is rewriting the rules for integrated LED flexibility and reliability Variable Lumen Output is the new standard in landscape lighting design versatility and installation Every VLO fixture delivers three lumen outputs that you can change easily on-site with a magnetic key Without the increased risk of failure associated with a mechanical adjustment The smart technology allows Contractors to create more customized lighting effects upon the Initial install while carrying fewer fixtures Plus VLO fixtures can adjust to a landscapes needs over time. Just size your transformer based on the highest volt ampere you expect to use and you’re ready for anything The Fixtures are conveniently factory set at the most popular lumen level for maximum contractor efficiency To change simply hold the included magnetic key over the lumen adjustment locator and the light will blink four times to tell you it’s ready For programming hold the magnet over the switch locator and the light will blink according to its lumen level. One blink for level one Two for level two and Three blinks for level three. In seconds you’re done No exposure to the elements Reduced risk of failure VLO fixtures feature Kichler’s latest custom optics for uniform crisp light as well as 6000 volt surge protection to guard against power irregularities that can be a hazard to LED landscape lighting and, of course, you get Kichler’s incredible landscape lighting dependability and performance Variable Lumen Output VLO, just one more way Kichler products and support are with you every step of the way so you can deliver a beautiful and functional end effect every time Visit Kichler.com/VLOAccent or Contact our Advanced Product Solutions team for layout ideas and guidance

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