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(guitar strum) (joyful music) – The Earth Gallery. I wonder what’s in here? Rocks. Wow, there’s lots of
different kinds of rocks. (joyful music) Some are rough and some are smooth. I wonder what they’re made of. Hi, Mara.
– Hi, Caitie. – Everybody, this is my friend Mara. – Hi.
– She’s an educator here at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Mara, there’s so much to see here. – I know.
– I saw so many things just coming in, and I have a question. – Yes? – What is a rock even made out of? – That’s a good question.
– Yeah? – Rocks are made up of minerals, actually. So, I can demonstrate with
my building blocks here. So let’s imagine that each one
of these blocks is a mineral. – Okay?
– Okay. So, when you put a whole
bunch of minerals together, I’m doin’ a crystal shape, we’ve got a rock.
– A rock. – Okay, so rock, different minerals. But why don’t we use a
real example for you, okay? – Alright, let’s see.
– With some real minerals. Alright so, we’ll start
off with this one first. This is quartz.
– Wow! – ‘Kay, you wanna hold onto that? – Yeah!
– Quartz is nice and, it’s clear, it’s smooth, and shiny. – Super shiny, it feels really hard, too. – Yes, yes, alright. This one is called mica. Okay so, mica’s really cool. It’s actually got little
layers and it flakes, oh, flakes off, and if you rub it, – Sparkly
you even get sparkles on your hand. – So, this one is a little softer. – Yeah, there you go. So, our third mineral is feldspar, now feldspar this one is nice and pink, and smooth, so I’ll give
you this one as well. – Okay so, we have three minerals. – Three minerals, all right,
so were gonna dive down underground, okay? Deep, deep, deep, deep. Where its really hot and the rock is all liquid, its called magma. – Wow!
So, put our minerals into our magma pot. – Okay. – Are you ready?
– Yeah! – So, put them in! Feldspar, mica, quartz. – Its gonna get real hot. – In they go, so were gonna add lots of heat and pressure. – Okay! – So, help me add some pressure, Caitie! – Pressure!
(sounds of exertion) Lots of heat.
– Lots of heat! Oh, oh its getting so hot, ah! – Don’t burn yourself! – Okay, ouch! (giggles) – Alright, after lots of time, were gonna open it up. And we’ve actually created a rock! – A rock, look at this! – So the minerals came
together and made a rock! Pretty cool! So to show you, you can see that example on this one right here. – Yeah, you can see all
the different minerals. – Yeah, all the different colors, so we’ve got our kind of
the black, flaky, mica. We’ve got the sparkly quartz and that nice pink feldspar. – Wow, so rocks are made
up of different minerals. – Yeah! – Look at that! – Caitie, do you wanna come
see my favorite mineral? – Yeah, I’d love to! – Awesome, lets go!
– Lets go see! I wonder what it could be! – My very favorite, is
the one in the back. That’s a giant quartz crystal! – Wow its beautiful! – Right? So, usually quartz get really small, but this one got to
grow to this giant size. So you can see lots of
other different minerals and their crystal shapes! – There’s all these different
shapes and colors of minerals. – Do you know, Caitie, I
think you should go over and explore all the shapes and colors of the rocks and minerals
inside this gallery! – That’s a great idea! – Yeah!
– Okay, well Mara, thank you so much for teaching us a little bit about rocks and minerals! – No problem , my pleasure! – Okay, lets go see what
we can find, everyone! All the different shapes and colors. Bye Mara! – Bye, bye everyone! (joyful music) – Ooh, I see purple! That’s blue! Wow! (joyful music) I see green! That’s yellow! So cool! (joyful music) Pink! The Earth made all these minerals! They’re incredible! That looks like orange! (joyful music) Oh, black! These minerals are amazing shapes. (joyful music) Wow! White! So many different colors! These rocks have minerals in them that glow in the dark
under phosphorescent light. Look at this! Wow! I see bright green,
orange, blue, and yellow! But, turn the lights on! And they’re gone! The Earth is filled with
so many amazing things. The Earth is made of rock. Rock is made of minerals. We saw so many different
kinds of beautiful minerals and rocks here at
the Canadian Museum of Nature. Try taking a look around where you live and see what different
colors and shapes and sizes of rocks and minerals, you
can find where you are! (child exclaiming)


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