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Pathways are one of the most popular areas to install landscape lighting today We will talk about three types of lights to light up those paths including up lights down lights and even standard path lights Let’s take a look Wow what a great day, yeah, so nice today alright so John Tell me a little bit about this pathway, and how you decided to light it. Yeah, so here We have the traditional path lighting here now. We’re alternating from side to side We’re evenly spaced out between each path line And we’re spaced about eight feet between each path light. We chose eight feet to evenly Evenly we want even light throughout the walk now Did the height of the riser for the path lights affect the distance in which you spaced it It did so we use a twelve inch riser around these path lights if we were to use the 18 inch We could probably spaced out path lights a little more as gonna put out a little more light And what do you think that spacing would be? Ten? Twelve feet? I think twelve feet for the 18 inch riser. It would be perfect. Okay. I definitely agree That was a good call to bring a little bit closer This this sidewalk is a little bit inconsistent with the the rock and the media intermixed with the sidewalk so it’s definitely a good call to to keep it on the air on the safe side or for this situation. Love the colors here, this is great. Yeah, let’s looks really good so John, tell me about how you designed these stairs here Well the main staircase from the house the pool are these stairs so they’re very important to me to be illuminated We use two different approaches the first way we did was with the traditional path, now the traditional path lights are great. They put off light. Not only on your steps You’re gonna get the plant material below the pathway the second way is my personal favorite is we use the PB wall wash light and What we’re doing with this light is we’re putting light on the boulder As well as the plant material and getting a residual light back towards the path light. That is my favorite way to light up Not only pathways, but stairs as well So I’m really glad to see that you did that. Now I see that you have copper path lights but they have begun the patina process, tell me of how long that took from a From first installation when you had the shiny brass and coppers for what you see now the patina process varies on the weather but from what we can tell in this area it usually turns a Month to a month and a half in okay and to get in this darker color It’s going to take maybe four to five months okay, interesting. That’s it’s a beautiful look. It’s very natural effect And I’m glad to see you chose that that natural look for the path light. This is a great path Yeah, we thought so too when we first started the design here and so our challenge here was to continue to light this path But since on the rest of the site. We hadn’t really used path lights We needed to find alternative ways of lighting this path, so we Hung up a few pendant lights from some of these trees And then we have some down lights as well to kind of glow this path here. Yeah, that’s great I love how the the up lights next to the trees are Really provide a lot of residual light that really light up the pathway anyway yeah, and it definitely does do that nice little ambient glow coming off of these trees in here yeah, and I love how Path lights are probably the second most popular fixture that people use But we don’t always have to use path lights using the pendants as you did, some directional down lights I think I see a JB up here in the top Those are great ways to light up the pathway itself without even having to use path lines. Yeah, And it’s great that we had those options to go to because it was a challenge to find a way to light this path without Without the path lights. Yeah, it looks great. I love it alright. Let’s see what else you have okay Different approach with some of the pathways and driveway lighting here, and we’ll see a better example of it right over here, As we kind of walk through this entrance to this path here we use these NL’s just kind of highlight this entrance Oh, it’s nice. Like you could really highlight the entire post as well as it probably gives you a really clean transition of white here at the center Yeah, you get nice little pool light makes this kind of an inviting pathway too come down perfect What else do you have over here so you can see we Did focus in on the driveway using those posts so we staggered These posts and used the de down light second all along this area that gives nice little wash Effect across the driveway here well Yeah
It’s a very wide Driveway and a typical directional path light would would not come near the length of that so I think it’s a great Application to use a de down light It’ll get you a very wide spread and it’ll be able to wash the the entire pathway So I like I think that’s a great application yeah at night It looks fantastic with the stagger, and we’re really happy with the way it turned out nice and then here also We have these boxwood Globes We wanted to do something a little different just to mix up the effect a little bit So we put some PBS for a nice soft wash behind on this nice green wall and then kind of silhouette actually Each of these Globes and that way we get kind of a different effect So we can kind of combine a few different effects here And not just always you know up light everything and it kind of gives a nice silhouette of these round globes looks nice How many PBs did you put along here, how did you know how far to space them? Yeah, so we kind of toyed with back and forth what we were supposed to do on that But we ended up doing every other because there’s a fair amount of them here And we didn’t want to kind of blow the homeowner away with too many lights. Just give them example of that effect That’s still a silhouette effect Yeah, that those PB’s do a very great job because they’re very widespread so I could see that being a great application there So mark tell me a little bit about this site so again We’re going to another site here in my town, and it’s a property That’s very quaint and personal and we need to look and see what FX features really would enhance this property, And so what did you choose we choose? PM’s for the most part obviously We’re using it for a path light Okay, but the best part about this light is it’s bleeding over into the landscape beds And highlighting plants and even over into the decking space PM a unique application for letting paths because typically on a path fight We don’t want to see the source of the light We just want to see the effect of the light right but in this case we’re actually Making the putt the bollard itself as a marker light as well, so we see the source, but my favorite part about that source It’s very diffused It has a solid acrylic lens and so it allows the light to bleed into a variety of different areas So mark tell me about the controllability of these fixtures all these fixtures on this side are all zdc Okay, so maximum amount of creativity for the homeowner. Yeah, so with the zdc capability Do you find that the homeowner is changing the colors a lot I do for example that they don’t put Christmas lights up anymore They’re able to do it by just changing their colors of the ZDC’s you know my favorite part about the ZDC’s is not only that you can change the colors for special events like Christmas or Special holidays or events that we’re celebrating But the fact that you could always go back to white makes the the zdc capabilities a complementary to any landscape very much so So Chris tell me what you have here what we’ve got here is we’re standing in the lawn area It’s a kind of a player at gathering spot in the evenings for families and kids Transitions into a annual bed with the flowers being changed out several times throughout the year And then we’ve got a fountain there behind us as well, okay So why did you use path lights in this area? we chose path lights for two reasons We wanted to create a barrier at night to separate this area from the Planting and the fountains so that parents could see their kids if they started to run this way We also wanted to illuminate They pay a lot of money to get these flowers put in several times throughout the year So we wanted to go ahead make sure that those were illuminated as well now I noticed with the path lights use the higher riser Why so? We chose the 18s over the standard 12 Because we wanted to get more light output, throw further into the bed and throw further out onto the grass here Just it’s more of a safety feature Going up higher getting more light out here because it is a public place, okay And with that with the higher riser and the wider throw how often were you able to space them We went about 10 feet here General recommendation whatever your linear length is divide that by your number of fixtures and just to make sure that there’s an even pattern of light Well Ryan this final area here we Were trying to get some light over to the gates. Just kind of make people aware the entranceway into the pool yeah We had a couple choices here We could have used some path lights, but we decided to go with the FC ground wash. This is unique. It’s low-profile It’s not gonna get kicked or bumped broken with path lights got a lot of kids and families coming through here with pool toys Path lights we thought would get destroyed and knocked over. Well what I like about the fixture is it’s very unobtrusive It’s out of the way most people wouldn’t even see that it’s there during the day and the light source is really hidden at night That’s true. They don’t see it during the day it, but at night It does a really nice cast of light right across this hardscape, this worked perfect for the application Let’s recap some pathlight fundamentals Traditionally pathways are designed with path lights stagger the placement of each fixture for a classic look or Align them evenly for a more modern look since path lights are usually installed to enhance nighttime safety for pedestrians Spacing should be consistent along the entire path When you have a tree or structure above the pathway Use down lights to bring a natural light to the area without drawing attention to the fixtures If you have a high traffic area, and you can’t use down lights or path lights FX luminaire also has integrated lights and wall lights that wash the path FX luminaire has many traditional and contemporary fixtures to help you better match those fixtures to your landscape I hope you’ve learned some new techniques for lighting up those paths for more information go to

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