Luxor Landscape Lighting Controller with Zoning, Dimming, and Color Control

The next-generation Luxor controller
represents the future of advanced low-voltage lighting control. Luxor gives
you the power to create up to 250 individual lighting groups or zones, dim
fixtures between 1% and 100% and choose from a spectrum of
30,000 vibrant colors using state-of-the-art RGBW LED technology.
With Luxor you can design up to 40 distinct themes from every night living
to special occasions. To simplify operation, the controller comes preset
with convenient calendar-based programming, timed sunrise and sunset
offsets, and dual 15 volt outputs. Optional wireless control is available
through the new remote Wi-Fi module or the pre-installed LAN module. For
installations requiring stronger Wi-Fi signal strength use the remote mount
Wi-Fi module which comes with a 10-foot extension cable. With industry-leading
ZDC technology, you can create custom colors for holidays, sporting events,
company parties, or other special occasions, change color temperatures to
match vegetation, or architecture for distinctive landscape looks throughout
the year. Use Luxor’s or calendar-based programming
capabilities to generate and save custom lighting schedules throughout the year.
Simply incorporate your favorite holiday, sporting event, or seasonal theme into a
Luxor program and set the date you want the program to run. It’s that easy. The
Luxor app provides total system control by allowing you to create custom color
palettes, themes, and schedules directly from your smartphone. This eliminates the need to interact directly with the controller face pack to make changes.
Luxor is compatible with Luxor satellites, Luxor cubes, and ZD MR16 LED
lamps. The addition of these accessories transforms Luxor into a total control
system for your outdoor living spaces. Leading smart-home systems such as
Crestron, Lutron, control4, and Savant easily integrate with the controller.
Compatibility with these systems provides maximum control and convenience
by allowing you to combine an indoor control system with outdoor lighting. The
Luxor controller combines power, performance, and premium appeal into one
next generation lighting control device that represents the future of lighting


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