Magical Scenary – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu, my big brother, what is happening? Big brother, what have you bought? We had gone for an exhibition, we saw many beautiful paintings there. Which I had not seen in my twenty years of experience, and so we purchased this painting. Hang it on our wall, let us see how it looks. Wow! Very beautiful painting, looks like the king will come out of the painting now. Come, let us watch a TV program, some interesting program is going on. Will I get something to eat? This is not interesting. What happened? Why did you go there? Ask the person, whom you have given the plate. Oh my lord! Who are you? I am the king of Rangnagar, Ranga charya, I stay there. Swear on my patients, how did this King come out of the painting? May all the bitter medicines fall in to yoir mouth, run!! Why are you all running? Talk with me for some time. Mummy!! Help!!! Where have you brought us? You people are in Rang Nagri and we have brought you all here to entertain the king. So do whatever we say. Big brother this is not my kind of job, if there is a competition of eating samosa then let me know. Shut your mouth and do as we say, or else the king will feed you all to a hungry lion. Go and fight, the opposite soldier has never lost, so be alert and go. Motu, all the best. Motu, my dear, my brother, fight for your life. Oh my lord! We have to save our life, after him, it is our turn. Start the game. It is a question of life and death, and for him it is a game. Oh god, why did you put us in this trap? This is so heavy, how do I lift it? Wow!! Great!! What a fight! Very good. Thank you King, now please give us a taxi or a cab, we have to go to Furfui nagar. This is very tight, I cannot pull this. Try it again or else the hungry lions are waiting for you. Stop this comedy and focus on the aim. Let him do, let him do his way, it is fun to watch. Haha!! Wow! What a aim!! Take this. Thank you King, thank you very much. Now, you both have to fight with one. Oh my lord!! Swear on my patients, this is unfair. Motu, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you think of something. Idea!! Look at this, haha!! Take it. They are not giving me to eat, I am hungry. Give me something to eat. Give it to him. Yes my lord. Patlu, what should we do now? Idea!! Wow!! What a fight!! Very good. Now I am going to rest. Rest of the games will happen tomorrow. Wow! what an idea! I don’t know, why I don’t get such ideas? Let us go quietly and take the brush from his waist. Wow!! You fight so well!! Thank you lord. He is dreaming, you don’t have to say thanks, take the brush. Wow! How nicely you play bow and arrow!! Patlu, say thank you at least. Are you going to remove the brush or not? You don’t have manners, somebody is praising you and you can’t even say thank you. Wow! So nicely you rob!! Oh my lord!! He is awake, mummy!! Run!!! Wow! So nicely you rob!! Take this. Take this!! All these jewelry is of no use, if we don’t escape from here. Stop, take this. Oh my lord!! Wow! What a lovely jewelry it is! Now we don’t have to work for rest of our life. Hurry up, let us close this gate. This is all nonsense, this brush is also a fake, send it back from where we brought. Wow!!!


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