Make Big Margins With Smaller Landscape Crew

My name’s Don Updegraff, I own Updegraff Landscaping. We’re primarily residential and commercial
landscaping, lawn care, and snow plowing . We have a small company with 3 employees plus
myself. We’re currently mowing 65 properties between
commercial and residential. We have several high-line properties where
people demand and expect a perfect stripe and finish to the lawn The Ventrac just does that for me every day. You can stripe better than any mower that
I’ve used. I’ve had people stop along the road while
we’re working and tell me how nice it looks and what a great job that mower does. Some of the commercial properties we have
required that we have some sort of pickup system so we’re not throwing rocks or debris. With the hydraulics, you don’t have to touch
anything. It’s a lot more convenient and powerful than
any other ones that I’ve used. It did rain here last night. I could see water picking up off the tires
as I was driving. The ground is very soft and wet. I probably wouldn’t have mowed here today
had I used something else. As big as the equipment is, it’s a very light
footprint. It will go pretty much anywhere and not do
any damage. Normally you wouldn’t take any other mowers
because you would ruin the grass. It’s just not good with public relations. We have the ability to do a lot more with
a lot less equipment and a lot less manpower because of the different attachments we can
use on the one piece of equipment. I’ve had big zero turn mowers, you use them
in the summer and then they just sit. One of the reasons I bought the Ventrac was
because I can use it all year around. Through the summer, spring, and fall, mainly
mowing and when we do any kind of landscaping we use the scoop. I have a power rake that we also use to repair
lawns then we move into fall where we use our blowers, aerators, and vac system. In the winter time, we use the broom to clear
the sidewalks and driveways. It’s just an invaluable piece of equipment
to me. I would definitely recommend it to another
landscape or lawn care company. The biggest thing I always tell people about
Ventrac is they advertise and say the machine will do things, and they do what they say
they will do. That’s very, very important to me. When I get out on a job, we hook up a piece
of equipment and we go to work, get done and get out of the place in a reasonable amount
of time. Every piece of equipment that I’ve used or
demoed or borrowed has always done what Ventrac says it will do. It’s helped me tremendously to feel confident
when I bid, that I can get the job done and make everybody happy. It’s a great piece of equipment. I would recommend it to anyone.

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