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[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ [♪] ♪ Ruby and her little
brother, Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ [laughter] (happily giggling)
Dig! Perfect! Max!
Look what I made! It’s a paper mâché model
of the planet Earth! It’s for my Earth Day Party! Ooh!
Careful not to get dirt on it. (giggles)
Max, you got earth… on the Earth! (giggles)
Get it, Max? One word can mean
two different things. The word Earth can mean the planet Earth
that we live on… But earth
can also mean dirt. Like the dirt you’ve
been digging in. So… you got earth
on the Earth! (giggles) Dig. Unh unh Max,
no more digging today. It’s almost time for my Earth
Day Party, and just look at you! (cheerfully)
We need to get you cleaned up. Come on. It’s not just
an Earth Day Party… it’s an Earth Day
Costume Party! Everyone is going to
dress up as something
to do with nature. I love dressing up in costumes. Don’t you, Max? But I’ve got so much
to do before everyone gets here. I’ve got to put out the plates
and the food and the drinks… … and put on my costume. (super-excited) I can’t wait
to see what costumes Louise and Valerie
have come up with! Isn’t it exciting? (humming) Come on max! It’s lucky I found
this tablecloth – it matches my planet earth! Blue for the water
and green for the land! Isn’t it perfect? Max? Dig! It would be really nice if
you stayed clean for the party. Besides, I’ve got
so many things to get ready! Wouldn’t you like to help? (sigh) Hmmm. If you could pick up your toys,
that would be a big help. We want everything to be
nice and tidy for the Earth Day Party,
don’t we? While you’re gathering up your
toys, I’ll get the table set. Be right back! (cheerful humming) We certainly won’t be using
disposable plates for Earth Day! We’ll use real ones and
wash them afterward. Isn’t that great, Max? Max?
(gasp) (cheerful)
Dig! DIG! I thought you weren’t going to
dig anymore! (sigh)
Come on. We’ll find something else for
you to wear for the party. I don’t know why I
didn’t think of this before! Your sailor suit
is the perfect thing to wear for my Earth Day party! Sailors sail on the ocean, and most of the Earth
is covered with oceans! Except for the part that’s
covered with earth. (giggle) Oh! Since I don’t have time to
make you a proper costume, this is the next best thing! And you look
so handsome in it. (humming) (sighs) Thank you Max! Look what Grandma made. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a fruit plate in
the shape of the sun! Grandma calls it her Rays
of Sunshine Fruit Plate. It’s almost time
for the guests to arrive! I hope I remembered everything! Let’s see… Rays of Sunshine fruit plate
…. All-green veggie platter, Earth Lovers’ smoothie….
What else? Oops.
My Earth Day costume! I’m just going to put my costume
on and then I’ll be back. Remember… Don’t get your
sailor suit dirty! (Sighs) DIG! (Giggling) Hello Ruby, were here! I’m a tree. Wow, look at all the
earth day Decorations! And the Earth Day
party food. Valerie! Louise! I love your costumes! I’m a sunny sunflower! (pfft/blowing) I’m a tree! And I’m a dainty
little raindrop, falling gracefully to the earth
to help sunflowers and trees grow big and strong! (giggle) Oh! Roger! Is that…
your costume? Uh huh.
Can you guess what I am? I don’t know. I’m a tree. Beats me. I’m a compost bin! Oh, of course! Great costume Roger! Uh huh! Yoohoo! Grandma Welcome to
my Earth day party! Happy Earth day! What a beautiful
sun costume! And your outfit is terrific
too, little Ruby Raindrop! And look at all the
other Earth Day costumes. I’m a sunflower! I’m a tree! I’m a compost bin. (gasp)
Max! (to himself)
Dig! Max!
I don’t believe it! (with a laugh)
That’s a perfect costume! (chuckling)
It certainly is! I don’t get it. What costume? It’s Earth Day,
and he’s dressed as… (dramatically)
Earth! Whooaaaa. (giggles) (giggles) Hi Max. (playfully)
Look! Yes, Max. It’s a glass of nice cold juice.
I thought you might like it. And while you’re
drinking your juice, I’ll start working on
my Earth Day To Do list. You know what a to do
list is, don’t you? It’s a list
of things you have to do! (excited) This one
is very special, because if I do all
the things on my List, I’ll get my “Friend of
the Earth” Bunny Scout Badge. (with awe)
Look! I’m glad
you finished your juice. Now I have to get to work. The first thing on
my To Do list is … Plant something green! Hmmm … I know
the perfect thing! I can plant this
Maple Tree Seedling! It grew from a maple seed
that was only this big. It’s hard to believe this
little tree is going to grow into a great
big maple tree! Now where should
I plant this seedling? Look! (giggles) Nice butterfly! (gasp) That’s the perfect
place to plant it! Right on the edge
of the garden, where there’s lots of
sunlight and not much wind. (humming) (giggles) (giggles) There you go little tree. Happy Earth Day! Look! It is a beautiful
butterfly, Max. But if I stopped
to play with butterflies, I wouldn’t be able
to do this: … Next (sighs) Make something useful out of
something you might throw away! Hmmmm. Ah ha! Instead of throwing
this juice carton away, I’ll make it into a
beautiful bird feeder. What could be friendlier
than making the birds a cheery place
to eat their birdseed? RRRRRIBBIT. RRRRRIBBIT. (Delighted)
RRRRRIBBIT. (giggles) Hmmmm. What colour
should I paint the top? Blue Jay blue or
Sunshine yellow? Oh! Oh no! Look! I’m glad you’re
having fun, but playing with Froggy
is definitely not on my Friend of the Earth
To Do list. Froggy green! It’s the perfect colour for
the top of my bird feeder! RRRRRRRIBBIT. (gasps) RRRRRRRIBBIT. (giggles) What could have been
thrown away is now a perfectly beautiful
bird feeder! And I get to check
another box on my Friend of the Earth
To Do list! AAAAH! (impressed)
giggling! Careful, Max! You’re getting my
To Do list wet! (with awe)
Look! (reading) Turn off things
that use up energy or water. (thoughtfully)
Like lights and taps! (sigh) I bet I’ll find more
things to turn off inside. I need to do all my to do all
my to do’s before Bunny Scout Leader
gets here! It’s a waste of energy to have
Max’s train running when he’s not even
playing with it. And my make up lights don’t have
to be on if I’m not using it. Another light that
doesn’t need to be on. There! Now I get to tick off
another box on my Friend of the Earth To Do list! Only one more to do to do! (intrigued)
huh… wooooow? Look! (gasps) It’s so beautiful! The perfect end
to a beautiful Earth Day. Bunny Scout Leader! Hi Max. Hello, Bunny Scout Ruby. How did you get on with your
Friend of the Earth To Do list? I planted
a seedling … and I made a bird feeder
out of an empty juice carton … and I turned things off to
save energy and water. Sounds like someone’s been a
good friend of the earth today. Well done, Bunny Scout Ruby! Here’s your badge. But I didn’t finish my
Friend of the Earth To Do list. There’s still one more! Perhaps you should look
at the last thing on the list. Remember to appreciate the
wonder and beauty of the Earth. Like stopping to watch
a beautiful sunset? Precisely! Sometimes the best way
to be a Friend of the Earth is slow down
and take the time to just … Look! Come on, Max! We don’t want to be late! It’s Earth Day! If everyone
does just a little bit, it will make things better for
for us and for nature. You know, all the plants
and birds and animals that live around us. (birds chirping) RRRRRRRIBBIT. RRRRRRRIBBIT. That’s why the Bunny Scouts
are picking up any litter
we find in the park. Do you want to
play on your train or help? Hmmm. Help. Great! The more bunnies who
help to clean up, the better things will be for
our bird and animal friends! (Quacking) A mommy duck
and her two ducklings! They’re so cute! Ruby! We’re over here! I’m coming, Louise! (Quacking) Come on, Max! Help. Happy Earth Day,
Bunny Scouts! Today we’re going to help nature
by cleaning up litter in the park. Yaaaay! We’ll put all the paper or
cardboard that we find in this recycling bin… And any bottles or cans we find
will go in this recycling bin. Are you ready? Ready! Yeah! Okay! All right Bunny Scouts,
let’s clean up this park! (offering)
Help. Of course you can help. Let’s see. Since your favourite
place is the playground, why don’t you clean up here? I’ll be right over there
with the other Bunny Scouts. (Gasps) (Quack) (playful giggles) (Quack) (playful giggles) Max is really getting
into this clean up! (Quacking) (realizing)
Help. I found paper for the paper bin. I found some bottles and cans. What did you find, Max? Help.
(Gasps) Yes, picking up
that paper would be a big help. And any other
litter you see. Help! It’s nice that Max
is trying to help. (Quacking) (giggles) (Quacking) Hmmm. (offering)
Help. huh?
(giggling) Ruby, what’s Max doing now? Max, I thought you were going
to help clean up the playground. (proudly)
Help. Yes, that piece of
paper should go in the bin. (Quacking) (giggling) (Quacking) (Quacking) (inviting)
Help. [train whistle] (Quacking) Yahoo! The Bins are almost full,
and this will help! Help. Oh sure! You can put the cardboard
in the bin if you like. Max? I thought you were going to
help with our Earth Day project. Huh? (determined)
Help. (Quacking) (Amazed)
It’s another little duckling! Hello there! Shouldn’t you be
with your mommy? Help. Max… I don’t think
the little ducky wants to go
for a train ride. (Quack) (with a laugh)
Or maybe he does! (Quacking) I wouldn’t have believed it,
if I hadn’t seen it myself! Well done Bunny Scouts. What’s going on, Ruby? What’s Max doing with
that little ducky? (Quacking) (laughing)
Come and see! (Quacking) (Quacking) That must be the ducky’s mommy. Aaaawwwwwh! (Quacking) You brought the ducky
family back together! So it looks like we had two
wonderful Earth Day projects! Yes, the park is all clean and the duckling is home
with its family. I didn’t know Max
could be such a big… Help! (Quacking)

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