Meet the Deadliest Cat on the Planet

This little female is known to researchers
as Gyra. She’s tiny, weighing a mere two pounds – 200
times less than a lion. She’d be almost impossible to find, but she’s
being tracked with a radio collar. And using surveillance cameras that rival
a cat’s night-vision, we can, at last, reveal her nocturnal pursuits. She can walk 20 miles a night in search of
food, the farthest recorded for any small cat. Guided by superb night vision and responding
to the smallest of sounds, she finds almost anything that moves is a potential meal. She’ll even eat locusts, but she prefers gerbils. Or if that doesn’t work – birds! With a wiggle to tuck her legs in, she gets
as low to the ground as possible. Primed like a spring, she can deliver maximum
power to jump. She hits her target 60 percent of the time. It’s what makes black-footed cats the most
lethal hunters in the entire cat family.


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