Melissa Joan Hart – Under A Rock with Tig Notaro

– [Tig] There were toys
made in your likeness? – Oh yeah, not Barbie but
like dolls, like Barbie dolls. – Who are you? (laughing) – [Alexa] Please welcome, Tig Notaro. – Hi, welcome to Under
a Rock with Tig Notaro. I’m Tig Notaro. I don’t watch many movies or TV shows so I’m really bad at
recognizing famous people. And on this show I interview famous people to try and figure out who they are. So please welcome this person. (lively music) Hi.
– Hello, how are you? – I’m good, thanks for being here. – Yeah, thanks for having me. – So, um, great, well, ah are you thirsty? – Yeah, sure. Love me some water. – Where are you from? – I was raised in New York. – Okay.
– Yeah. – For a second I thought I
detected a Louisiana accent. – Oh, my husband’s from Alabama. – Ah, it was close. – Yeah, there’s a vacuum there from when I lost my New York accent so I kinda picked up
the southern from him. – Nice.
(laughs) I don’t know why I feel
like I need to tell you, this is a cue card.
– Okay. (laughs) Good to know. – Is there anyone you
are often mistaken for? – Sarah Michelle Gellar.
– Okay. – Not necessarily because of look but because of other reasons. – What are they? – Because we both have
three names, mainly. – Ah, I have three names. My first, middle, and last. – Yeah, mine too, mine too. – Yeah, and you use all
three, you’re known, like people all three of your names. – [Melissa] You’re almost there. – Do you have a catchphrase? Like, Git-R-Done! – The closest I have is probably, woohoo! (laughs) – People tuning in,
they would be like, oh, as soon as they click to
this show they’d be like, oh my god, there’s the
woman that says woohoo. – No.
– Okay. – That’s not what they would say at all. – Do you know who I am?
– I don’t. – Okay, Alexa, who is Tig Notaro? – [Alexa] Mathilde Tig O’Callaghan Notaro is an American stand-up comic, writer, radio contributor, and actress. The special Tig Notaro:
Boyish Girl Interrupted was nominated in 2016 at the
68th Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing
for a Variety Special. – Awesome, that’s great.
– I don’t do high fives. – Oh, sorry.
(laughing) Good to know. – But this is what, if
somebody goes to high five me this is, I’ll teach you what I do. Question? (laughing) And then–
– Can I steal that? – You can, but there’s more to it. Question? – Can I high five you?
– No. (laughs) – What if you get this? – I do this. (laughing) You know what, I’m gonna
do a fun fact about you, this is a fun fact about you. Wow. – Uh oh. – You own five Picassos. – Yes, I own five
Picassos, two Rembrandts, one Dali, and one Degas. – Are you?
– I like art. – Do you like art? – I do, I like art.
– You do? – You know, I went to school
for a little while in Florence. – And do you speak Italian? – I’m trying, I take lessons a lot. – Can I hear some? – No.
– Please. Just any, meatball. (speaking in foreign language) – I don’t know, oh!
– You just told me your name. – I did just tell you my name. – So your name is Melissa.
– So you got the first part. – Melissa boom boom.
– Mhm, mhm. That’s pretty close actually. (laughing) – Melissa Boom Boom?
– Yeah, yeah. – Okay, Melissa. (laughing) What’s your last name? (laughing) Your father was a lobster wholesaler. – Yeah, yeah. – I didn’t know that about you? – He was, I know, now my dad’s
actually an oyster breeder but he was a lobster wholesaler. – People have their passions. – I know, he’s got his maternity ward and he impregnates the
oysters, it’s crazy. – He impregnates the oysters? Okay, when did you get famous for the thing that your famous for? – Probably in my teen years when I was about 13. – Do you sing? – No. – Would you mind–
– No. Do I have to sing in Italian? – No, I was gonna say,
would you mind solving this. – Oh, yeah sure, yeah, no problem. Got it, I got it, let’s see, almost there, my son taught me this,
I know how to do this. Hold on, the middle ones are
always, let’s see if I can… – Okay, give me that.
– I don’t understand it. (laughing) – This will help me figure
out who you are immediately. (laughing) – Those are hard to use. – Woohoo! (laughing) – Exactly. Those are fun, have you ever used those? – I haven’t, when would I ever need. I guess if I went to gay
pride, I’ll be honest, I’m gay. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – I’ve been dabbling in
homosexuality for decades. – For a long time.
– For decades. (laughs) God, I can’t wait to find out who you are. – You want me to give you a clue? – I do. – All right, let’s see. – Ooh, – So this – a cat. – would be the best symbol of me, this would be sort of–
– Are you cat girl? – Some people might call me that, walking down the street
they might be like, hey, you worked with that cat. – Oh, you work with a cat? – He won’t shut up. – Okay. – My most known co-star I’ll say. – Your most–
– There’s also a stand up. That you might know.
– There’s a stand up? – Caroline Rhea.
– I do. So you’re from, um, the Teenage Witch. (laughs) – Yes, but you still don’t know my name. – I don’t. You know, my wife watched that show. – Really?
– Yeah. – Sabrina the Teenage, are you Sabrina? – Yes.
– You’re Sabrina. – Yeah.
– Okay. And your name is Melissa–
– Boom boom. So I’ve got a good clue here for ya. Melisten up. – Melisten up? That is not the first
time you’ve used that. – Believe it or not it is, actually is. But I’m gonna use it from here on out. – Do you wanna hear what is my go to? When people ask me I’ll
tell ’em my name is Tig and then they say, oh,
is that short for Tigger? And then I say, no, it’s long for Ti. (laughs) – That’s brilliant. And that’s why you have your own show. – Yes, yes it is. – All right, well Melisten up, Joan of Arc was a teenage
witch, so take this to heart because I don’t want to explain it again. Boom. – Melissa Joan Hart.
– There you go! – I’ve heard of you. (audience applauds) I figured it out, I figured it out! – Now I wanna ask Alexa,
who’s Melissa Joan Hart? – [Alexa] Melissa Joan Hart
is an American actress. She had starring roles
as the titular characters in the sitcoms Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch,
and Melissa and Joey. – And soon to be No Good Nick on Netflix but we’ll talk about that next time. – Congrats on your new show. – Yeah, well here, I’m gonna
leave you with my pussy. (audience laughs and applauds) – Thanks so much for being here. – Thank you, it was
really fun, that was fun. – Take that back. – You don’t want it?
– No. (cat meows)


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