Minimalist Landscaping on a Waterfront

There’s certainly different ways to approach
living on a pond. We’re here with Sharon Lash. Now you, you’re like me, you like
a lot of flowers, and all that kind of stuff, but actually here at your neighbor’s house,
they really have a very different look, don’t they? They do. It’s a very minimalist look. And
she has just very few plants, but they flow so beautifully together, and this whole beachfront
goes perfectly with her house. It’s designed to just take you down to the beachfront, to
sit down and enjoy. And it doesn’t take away from the house
in any way, it adds to the beauty of her home. So, I think the whole idea of sort of looking
even at your home, and sort of doing the whole contemporary, which their house is, but then
also just the lesson of you don’t have to have twelve-hundred different types of plants,
you can just go with a few different ones here – with a little blue stem, purple sedum,
another type of pink sedum. It really doesn’t take a lot, does it? No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t take a lot
of all. And the thing that I love about this, is that it flows with my beachfront, and it
looks like we’re all one, but yet we’re two very different styles of garden. And it
shows that you can work with your neighbor, even though we didn’t plan it together,
it still flows beautifully together. It probably helps having the same almost,
like the edging, is very similar, and trying to probably helps too. I agree. Thank you, Sharon. You’re welcome. What a beautiful place.

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