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In the daytime,
I’m Cande, and also, I’m Marinette. a normal girl
with a nearly normal life. But there’s something about me
that nobody knows. It’s my secret. Miraculous, simply the best Up to the test when things go wrong! Miraculous, the luckiest The power of love, always so strong! Miraculous! Miraculous Planeteada. Today we present Frozer Order! Order! Spaghetti! Who ordered spaghetti? Spaghett… Careful! Don’t kick the tower! Tanti grazie, signorina. Don’t forget your spaghetti. Ah, my spaghetti!
Tanti grazie! Gonna need another plate of spaghetti! For you, my lady. Oh, seriously, Cat Noir?
You’re going to transform back? Ok, well if you transform back
I’ll find out who you are and then… And then we won’t have to hide
any secrets from each other. We’ll be united, more powerful and free. We’ll defeat Hawk Moth and
we can run away to an island… Or maybe Italy with my family, eat spaghetti, spaghetti,
spaghetti, spaghetti, and we could also watch again
all the episodes of Soy Luna, Violetta, there are a lot but we have time, especially to be with my family. With my nonna, and… Cat Noir! That spaghetti must be cold,
and besides, I love somebody else. I know, my lady. But if it wasn’t for him,
we could have something different. I’m sorry… But I can’t imagine my life without him. Sorry, I’ve got to go. Taxi! Hey! Who turned out the lights? Predictable. You’re sooo predictable. Ah, I’m going to beat you again. You’re so predictable. What’s going on, Adrien? Generally I like to beat you, defeat you, destroy you, and leave you like
an insignificant weakling, like a puny person who cries in humiliation and drinks his own tears
from the shame he feels… But it’s no fun if it’s so easy. Have you ever felt like you’re in a rut? Stuck, frozen, that you can’t move
and you can’t even blink, until they call a doctor
to see if you’re still breathing….? You feel like nothing
is ever going to change. Ever. And that everything repeats itself
again and again. Hello? A promotion?
Yeah, I’m really interested, tell me. I’m not interested! You were saying? Adrien… Your mistake isn’t that
you use the wrong technique… Your mistake is the wrong target. -Change the target.
-I don’t understand. Maybe you should find someone
who’s genuinely interested in you. I still don’t understand! This is Ladybug. This is me… And this is you. I’ll show you with a little arrow… who you’re supposed to look at… …see if you finally understand… Marinette! Just in time! Can we talk? I’ve got something a little embarrassing
to tell you. Don’t tell me: bad breath? -No!
-Hair lice? Not that either! Oh, I know! I bit of… hmm? No! It’s a girl. Well OK, but we girls sometimes also
let some rip that… No! It’s a girl who I see all the time! We study together. We’ve always been friends. But now I see her differently. She’s very special. She has dark, silky hair. She has deep, mysterious eyes… She’s… …Kagami. I’m asking you what I should do with Kagami. You must… reject her! What are you saying…? No! You must ask her to go skating. I mean, you’ve got experience. Three seasons, three tours,
you know how it is. Yes. but I think I’m very shy
to go out just with her. I could go with you. I love it!
Thank you! Oh, Tikki! Always the same! This could be the greatest disaster ever. You have to get out of this situation
right now… Girls, ideas, fast! Tell him your dog ate your homework. You stayed home watching other Planeteadas. You have to rehearse for a challenge. You want to learn to speak Italian. You know what, friends? I don’t want to cancel. Adrien needs me. And if he needs me,
I’ll be here for him. Oh, look who’s here! You feel a little… My opinion… is that a girl like you deserves to feel… like this… Stop, stop! Do you have plans for tomorrow? Hey! That’s great that
you invited Luca, Marinette. Although he can be a bit
annoying sometimes. I don’t know what to do with Kagami. Should I hold her hand? So slow! What are you saying? Talent! She doesn’t have
your talent for skating! Wherever I go I take cushions with me Bruno! You never know… Watch it, you almost kissed her
in the last Planeteada. No! Ru! That was all marked,
we did it in different shots, -We hardly kissed.
-More or less. What do you mean, more or less? Skate! Skate! I’ve got a great promotion for you. Why don’t you sign up for skating classes? No, I’m not interested in promotions. Besides, my life is…
full of music! Want to hear it? No, no, thank you. Did you invite them because
you’re afraid to be alone with me? Of course not! Marinette asked me
to help her with a thing. Help with what? That’s great! You’ve got what it takes
to be a major champion! And I’ve got an ideal promotion for you! No, no, no,
enough of your promotions! You call me all the time,
I’m tired of it! But, but…
if I don’t get students by tonight… the rink’s going to close down. Ah, get out of here. A burning passion
that’s about to be put on ice. Fly away, fly away! No, grandma, I said fly, as in fly. Fly my little akuma, and evilize the heart of that skater. Frozer! I am Hawk Moth. They want to take away your ice rink. Well, from now on all of Paris will be your ice kingdom
for you to skate on. For me to skate? But I can’t skate.
I told them when I signed the contract. Aw! Anyway, you have to bring me
Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous. Ready to skate, Hawk Moth. What’s that? Marinette, hide. Is it ice? Let’s try out Master Fu’s Magic-aron. What? Nothing, forget it,
I’ll explain later. Tikki, power up! Stalac Tikki! Stalac Tikki! Hop on! Plagg, power up! Plagg Glacier! Plagg Glacier, claws out! LadyBug and Cat Noir, your frozen statues
will shine like trophies in my ice palace! Cat Noir, we need to set a trap
for whoever turned the city into a giant ice rink. My feline instincts prefer to
track and observe before attacking. You go your way and I’ll go mine. Hang on, don’t tell me you’re still mad
about the spaghetti at the beginning. You know what? We can’t always do everything together. We’re not a couple. -Poor thing!
-Yes, sweetie, we’re a couple! No more evil-doing! Bye bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug! -Esaaaa!
-Esaaaa! I hope this photo helps you
get more followers. I hope so but I don’t think so… Now I have to go and coach a soccer team. They’re 11 players who play so badly! But someone has to do it!
Pleasure to meet you! Nice to meet you! Your “esssaaa” was very nice. Thanks. -You could present Disney Planet.
-Disney Planet is in good hands! Well, if you ever decide to change,
I’ll be here. Taxi! Taxi! -Bye.
-Bye. I think you should…
talk to him. You think? Or you could stay… I’ll sing you another song… What do you say? I’m studying this one that… is very interesting. No, no, no,
no more music! No, it’s OK. Marinette? Are you OK? Just let me recover. Are you OK? Say something. I love you! I love you, honey, even though you’re untidy,
you always leave your dirty socks knowing the basket’s 2 centimetres away… Although you speak Spanish
more or less, I love you. Just a minute,
I speak Spanish perfectly. And besides, you’re my love. I’m your love?! So we could get married,
and have a dog, eat spaghetti,
buy a car, watch all the Planeteadas, and celebrate our birthdays together! Marinette! Are you OK? -Yes!
-Did you want to tell me something? Hang on, we could do the next Planeteada
together, and it has to be Bia! Ah! That’s how I am!
I am what I am. I’ve got watercolors in my heart. Just you and me? No, we can’t do it by ourselves! What do we do with Justi and Bruno? They’re the Planet presenters,
we can’t do that. OK. In that case, goodbye! Taxi! The taxi’s here. What did I do wrong, Tikki? Spaghetti! Careful, don’t tread on the tower. …will exterminate… Sorry, guys! You’ve got to get out of that situ… Don’t forget the… Skate! Ah, I’m falling! Talent! And she could… Bit more this way. What have you got for me? I nearly pulled your wig off!


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