Model Railroad Scenery Tip Flexible Scenery with Felt

Years ago, I read an article about felt
being used for grass. That was long before we had flock grass. They
were modeling a washout area where the grass was overlaying an area of dirt that
you can see along the stream or along a swampy area They took an old suede brush and tuffed it
up a little bit to make it look like grass hanging over the edge of the
scenery. So I took that idea and change it around a little bit now I’m
using felt on areas where I don’t want to use plaster of Paris or hydrocal to
cover you know to cover up over top of scenery,
other scenery like on stone walls and stuff and I’ll show show you what I
have here. This is an area right here where I use
the felt I mean you really can’t tell where the
Plaster of Paris ends and the felt starts. I use the felt on the edge of the
scenery where the – where I have the stone walls in the tunnel Portal OK, comes all the way down to here I ring on there and i use this in places
where i need to have access to the tracks You see underneath, here is where
I have the felt on there and I attach it with the with the tape (transfer tape) sometimes I glue it on but since i found
the transfer tape I’ve been using that a lot for attaching
things. I used it here, and there is another spot up here where I used it. OK
they’re still right in here is a lift out I have an access area right here, this –
this area right here is a door that swings to the left, and then this area
right here is a door that swings to the right, and that gives me access to the
tracks, or the track way in the back. OK, and I’ve used the the felt along this
wall if I would have used plaster on here or
plaster of Paris or hydrocal it wouldn’t seat down onto the – onto the rocks, but i
just use the felt there and then covered it with the with the textures. It’s easy to work with and you get and you
could apply your scenery in the same methods. You know using the glue or
hairspray or however you want to use it. The way i use it is, I wet it down a
little bit and spray with alcohol, I use an old bottle of hair spray. This is kind i use and the reason I use
it is because you know other than using those spray bottles that you can buy in any hardware store big box hardware stores this has a finer spray and it doesn’t
mess things up like the other ones do. I use this transfer
tape right here it’s made by 3m and its really good for
a lot of different uses I use it for almost everything right now I mean I don’t know what I did
without it from years ago, but here’s another. Here’s another tip right here i have a
template for a switch machine ok the slow-motion switch machine. I made
that out of styrene I mean they they give you a paper template and what I did
was I put it over top of it and drew – drew it out, and cut the holes and
everything. You know what I do is I put the transfer
tape on the back of it and when I – that gives me a chance to attach it
underneath the layout and I could drill my holes. OK, here’s a cordless drill but sometimes
you can’t get in the areas with that bulky thing i have a smaller one that’s
not as powerful but i use the original cordless drill right here. this has work for me for many many years I mean I’ve had this so I can’t even
remember when I got it but it was a long time ago I know I don’t even want to
mention you know how many years. You could pick up the felt in any arts and
crafts store you know they have it at michaels and
Joanne’s and AC moore and that’s about you know all they have around in this
area but as you can see and it doesn’t do it too bad of a job on the on the
scenery and it looks pretty good I have a little piece of styrene that
i cut then i’m putting over top of the cracks that you see there because
that’s where the edge of the access door is. That’s about it for right now I’ll be
coming back on soon with more tips and tricks so see Ya.

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