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snakes are considered to be one of the
most dangerous species but corn snakes are non-venomous and beautiful snakes it
is found primarily in the southeastern United States they’re docile nature
reluctance to bite moderate adult size attractive pattern and comparatively
simple care make them commonly kept pet snakes corn snakes are one of the most
popular types of snakes to keep in captivity or as pets their size calm
temperament and ease of care contribute to this popularity captive corn snakes
tolerate being handled by their owners even for extended periods after many
generations of selective breeding domesticated corn snakes are found in a
wide variety of different colors and patterns in this video we have listed
most colorful corn snake in the world Anery Palmetto this corn snakes have a
beautiful appearance the corn snakes usual pattern is replaced with a
brilliant white with accents of light gray and dark gray patches along the
bottom and on the head their eyes are also an icy white blue color
complementing the bright white of the scales scaleless corn snake scaleless
snakes a few or no scales on their bodies though they typically always have
the ventral scales on their bellies which help them to move across various
terrain Scalelessness is a natural genetic mutation and has been witnessed
in the wild lavender corn snake live others are one of the most highly
variable of corn snakes lavender morphs for corn snakes are fairly
self-explanatory these beautiful snakes are various shades of a soft lavender
which is certainly a unique color for snakes albino corn snakes these corn
snakes are quite beautiful to look at they are especially bred more these
little guys are also called de melanistic corn snakes because they lack
melanin melanin is the pigment and skin or scales that are dark albino corn
snakes are light in color nearly white albino corn snakes can also be yellow
pink red or orange or any combination they will not have dark borders like
coffee tea or any dark colors at all this makes any patterns not as distinct
but still beautiful albino corn snakes are not always white but there are other
morphs that are closer to a pure white snake there are snow corn snakes and
also blizzard corn snakes these morphs have a brighter white color and less
visible patterns however they are not as popular as pets because they are rarer
and more expensive granite cornsnake the granite cornsnake
morph is characterized by the main scale color of grays and Silver’s with accents
of various browns and tiny splashes of yellow Browns their eyes are also a
beautiful silver gray adding to the gorgeousness of this more strawberry
corn snake strawberry snow is a dream come true for some corn snake lovers a
pink snake these snakes have a beautiful mix of pastel pinks and soft whites with
hints of pastel yellow their eyes are also a beautiful pastel pink color
matching perfectly with their pink scales pied sided blood-red an
absolutely gorgeous male corn snake pied sided snakes are awesome looking but
very expensive as the genes which cause a snake to have pine markings aren’t
fully understood yet and are quite rare while the name of this morph can be a
mouthful it is a good descriptor this morph has the obvious traits of PA with
white patches covering various spots over the snake’s body the blood route is
a pretty accurate description of the rest of the scales which are bright red
red orange in contrast extremely well against the bright white blood-red corn
snakes this morph of corn snake is one of the coolest scariest and exotic
looking out of the corn snakes they are known because of their intense and bold
red color it resembles blood blood-red corn snakes now have been bred to have
little to no pattern at all visible on their backs they appear to be a solid
red or sometimes red orange color this morph was originally found in Florida
and used to have patterns through breeding the more solid red color has
been produced over time when hatchlings of this morph are born they have the
saddle marks but these patterns fade as the snake grows into adulthood butter
corn snake as far as corn snake morphs go the butter morph is certainly a
gorgeous one it is one of the most stunning looking corn snakes
as the name suggests this morph is characterized by a beautifully buttery
yellow this color is present all over the body including both the top scales
and underbelly the yellow can range from light pastel yellow to a darker buttery
orange color their eyes are similar to that of an albino corn snake and have a
distinct red pink color to them black corn snakes black corn snakes are
especially bred realistic snakes they lack the red skin pigment as well this
morph is more specific because it does not include the variations of brown and
tan Mary turistic corn snakes black corn snakes are mainly black but can have
white or gray Santo markings and borders sometimes this is reversed with a mainly
chalky white body with back saddle marks on its body usually the stomach is white
and there are white or light great markings on its head this morph has
black eyes they truly are beautiful creatures so it is not hard to see why
these guys make popular pets the coral ghost coral ghosts are another beautiful
corn snake morph this morph can be identified by the beautiful main color
of coral with various blotches of grey that cover the snake from head to tail
the intensity of the coral varies with the one pictured above being a beautiful
soft coral

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