My Magic Theatre Make & Do #2 | Make Scenery! | Arts Project for Kids | Kids Arts and Crafts

Hi! So, last time we made our theatre Here it is So the next step to putting on our show is to make our scenery We use two types of scenery There’s a backdrop which stays at the back of the theatre for the whole show And there’s pieces of free standing scenery which can be put anywhere on the stage There are lots of really imaginative ways in which your scenery can really add to your show and sprinkle a bit of magic on your story For instance, your scenery can move! You can part your trees like this to give the impression of a deep, dark forest Or you can use them to reveal something dramatically, like this You can make waves move like this to make the sea You can make a real virtue of the fact that your theatre is hand made and open up a new scene like this Or you can reveal the inside of a house like a dolls house So we’re going to make the backdrop for the scene in Snow White, inside the house of the Seven Dwarves Then we’re going to make the Seven Dwarves’ table that goes in the room So here’s what we need Cardboard Scissors A pencil Colours A black pen Tape And White tack So first the backdrop. Here’s the scene in our show Take your card and draw one ruler’s width along three of the sides Next you draw and colour your backdrop design When it’s dry we need to cut a little slit along the ruled line And that means that we can fold the edges back and stand it up We also need to cut out the windows This is a bit trickier, so ask an adult for help We bend the backdrop a little bit, and make a snip in the windows, so you can fit your scissors in and cut out the rest When the windows are all cut out, you can go around everything in your black pen Then we’re going to stand it up, by folding the flaps back and sticking them to the bottom tab with a little piece of tape So I’ve put some White tack on the bottom of our backdrop And I’m just going to stick it to the base of the theatre Now onto our free standing scenery These are the pieces of scenery that give us the foreground to our setting So, let’s make our table We need seven chairs for the Seven Dwarves I’m also going to draw a pot of flowers on the table, to give it a nice homely feel Now you can colour it. I’m using paint but you could use pens or crayons When it’s dry cut it out and go around in with the black pen To make sure the table can stand up we cut two triangles of card, and fold them in half so they stand up by themselves Then attach them to the back of the table with a little bit of tape Scenery comes in all shapes and sizes So we have bushes, and furniture, and a swing maybe? Or a fireplace. All of this scenery shows us the specific location for each part of our story And with the backdrop, the foreground scenery tricks our eyes and makes us think there’s more space in our theatre than there is! Clever! So now you’ve got your backdrop and your scenery. Next time we’re going to be making the props we need for our story

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