Mysterious Planet Puzzle | Critical Thinking | Brainteaser | Enchanted Island | Stone Colour Riddle

Dabung Girl and the mysterious planet
a critical thinking activity Dabung Girl is talking to Bunty and Naina. Hello
friends, I am going on a space journey to a new planet would you like to join me.
Oh yes! We would love to. Wow! the space is so beautiful. Look, friends, there is the
mysterious planet Zooga come let’s go there
Yay! Do you think we should go there I am little afraid even I have not met the
aliens on that planet let’s see Dabung Girl and her friends meet
Mava the alien of the planet Zooga. Mava throws them a challenge are people on
planet earth really intelligent of course! let me see if you can answer a
simple puzzle from my planet there are three stones A, B and C hidden inside
this box. can you tell me the color of the stones from these clues without
looking at the stones? The box carries three clues clue 1 if A is red then B is blue. clue
2 if B is not red then C is blue. clue 3 if A is blue then B is green.
this looks so tricky. Can you help Dabung Girl and her friends to find out
the colors of the stones your time starts now I think I have found the answer
How? Solution as a first step write down the possible color combinations. Now
let’s look at the first clue if A is red then B is blue. let’s look at the second
clue if B is not red then C is blue. let’s look at the third clue A is blue
then B is green. Stone A green, stone B red stone, C blue
the trick in this activity is, it is not stated that if B was red then C cannot
be blue. Wow! I am impressed. Thank you, see you later, bye.

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