N Gauge Model Railway Scenery Bushes

[Music] Hello and welcome to this episode of
Elvenhome in which we take a look at the work that I’ve been doing to
complete the ballasting of the incline and also the scenic work that I’ve been
doing around that ballasting and I talk a little bit about the work
that’s going to be done and also something which I’m not going to tell
you till until you get as far there that in the course of recording the
first proper section of the video it made me realize that I really need to
get on and do something so I did and as so often the business of making
these videos has encouraged me to get on with a piece of work that I’ve been
putting off for a little while but which is vital for the work that I need to be
doing for the next few months so leaving you in suspense with that we’ll go on to
the section that I recorded about the ballasting work up the incline speak to you again
in just a moment. Well here we are with the ballasting now completed up the incline
and the scenic work certainly along the back wall of the back
scene and the ballasting if I just zoom in a little, comes in to just beyond
where the hillside is and I’ll come back to why I’ve deliberately stopped at that
point for now. It proved to be less of a reach for me to get the ballasting up to
the top that is going a little bit further see it goes all the way
around and it stops just by that brown blob on the right there that’s pretty
much where the ballasting ends at the moment I’ve had no trouble with the
ballast magic at the five to one ratio as I said I think in the last video when
I come to do the ballasting where I can reach the track more easily I think
I’m going to have a go at a lower ratio because of course you do use up the
ballast magic very quickly at a five to one ratio but I’m very pleased with
how it’s gone. In my last video David Greenwood commented
where I’d put some just loose ballast at the edge of the platform between the
platform and the rail that you can see just down here, zoom in thank you very
much, I took all that up as a consequence he quite rightly warned me that it might get caught up in in engines
because it’s loose rather than fixed down so thank you very much for that. That’s come up and some new stuff has gone down and is stuck down all of that
is now fixed out using ballast magic and you will have seen that I’ve
completed the scenic work in terms of a what is essentially a hedge all the way
up the incline and I’ve now completed by putting more clump foliage in around the
hill to blend the hill in to that corner a little earlier today and I’ll put that
up just about now I took a sweep with the camera from the churchyard around
through the vicarage and the gardens down and up the incline round to
whereabouts the hillside is and it really is very, it’s very satisfying the
effect of doing a bit of scenic work does it really does make it move from
being a kind of large train set to really a model and I’ve been very
pleased with the way the underbrush in particular has worked I got two colours
of underbrush the I think one of them is olive and the other is mid green but I
put a card up here with the precise types of the brush that’s there and
you’re by getting an even amounts of the two colors squeezing them together you
can get quite a pleasing effect which you can probably see actually in this
this shot here now if I come in a little bit you got a nice pleasing effect of
not having the same colour the larger pieces there are Clump foliage
which are being used to cover over daubs of brown paint where my paintbrush
rather inexpertly wielded hit the back scene rather than the the floor of the
the incline as it was meant to do but actually one of the things looking at
them front on they give them they give a sense of depth and shadow behind them so
I’m going to claim that as a deliberate intent on my part to help with the
scenic work once they got there the clump foliage and and the underbrush has
had to be put on to make sure I’ve got the clearance and I run coaches and
engines up and down in that area but as I was saying about the underbrush I just
sort of mixed to the even amounts of colour together into almost a ball really
and then let it sort of separate into a few sausage shapes again mixing the colours
and stuck them on in that way and then just let them form as they wanted to do
and I think I’ve probably got a better outcome once again I mean you’ll
remember with the hillside I just let the plaster cloth and everything sink
and sag as it wanted and I think the same thing has happened with the bushes
because rather than being carefully crafted and planted there that there’s
sort of uneven in a way and yet interestingly that there’s a fairly
constant line which is entirely by luck so that’s now completed the one area
I’ve probably got to court out is there are some gaps with the ballasting where
the ballast is just disappearing down the back of the wall which I
could put some underbrush and stuff on there and I may have to do that if I
can’t find another solution Doug Park Junction junction thought that might be a
possibility and I agree although I’m not sure that it would have been, bushes
would have been allowed to grow there in the period that I’m modeling but maybe
they would if I can find a way of getting to some ballast stuck down there
I might try putting just neat PVA to hold the ballast so it goes on to neat
PVA and doesn’t all immediately drop down the back of the wall which is
expensive apart from anything else, I didn’t really buy the ballast to
coat the back of a wall that I can’t see I’ve got move around now to just about
where the ballast finishes which is sort of where those bushes end and I’ve
deliberately now decided that I’m not going to take it beyond there because
it’s one of those things that I’ve mentioned before about the connectedness
of the activities you’ve got to undertake I need to build a Sharky
station I need to complete the wall obviously from where it finishes up to
Sharky station and where the buttress will be but all of that final the final
placing of that is in part determined by how then it goes across on the bridge
into what will be the new raised area where all the other buildings are
carefully stored at the moment to stop me biffing them and as I’ve already
learnt if you once you do a thing you rather set anything that follows behind
and I’ve not yet got in my mind the track layout for High Elven- or where the raised
area will begin and end precisely I mean the know the broad area is going to
cover but quite where and how does the hillside come down to meet what will be
I think a canal but it may be going back to being a river but anything such a
water course that runs under the bridge which we can just about see behind the
pot of ballast let’s have a look let’s go in there you go
so that is not clear in my mind at the moment so I’m going to leave all of that
so that I don’t do something irreparable which require or well or something that
requires an awful lot more work so that really rather completes this section
where I got to on on this work I’m pleased with this this is really
beginning to come together as a model railway and not just a real
rather intricate trainset as I’ve said before so probably a running section
after this once I’ve decided the order of play from all the various bits I’ve
got and I’ll speak to again in just a moment after I reviewed the last section it
occurred to me that so much turns on the design of High Elven and I keep saying I
can’t do this until I’ve done that so the answer is work out what High Elven is
going to look like and so I’ve met I’ve done that in two ways one I’ve worked
out what the total area bounded by the raised area will be which is going to be
33 inches from the top to the bottom as you’re looking at this map and 30 inches
from one side to the other and once I’ve finished this section I’m going to print
all this out and then put it on the layout so you can see get some idea of
how it how it might look there this is very much my first design with which I’m
comfortable I had two or three others but they were all in the way that I tend
to do very rectilinear so it sort of all went parallel with things and life
doesn’t normally go parallel with things in this way so to take you through up
here is where the line is going to come off the bridge so it will come off the
bridge and immediately come to a left-hand point which swings into the
station and through here we come down this here is High Elven station I hope
you can see my little pointer doing its thing this is High Elven station it
comes down into the station and I’ve put in a loop to enable trains to run round
because although I suspect this the Pannier for example with the auto coach
will just be able to go straight back out again I rather like the Class B set
that I’ve got and that would need to have engines running round that also
gives me the opportunity to have here an engine shed which you’ve seen on the
layout actually I think I’ve got it here in front of me I will borrow bring it
into camera there it is this is a metcalfe engine show that’s a
bit dark isn’t it really never mind with the light behind it
but that I think would be the kind of little engine shed that would be stored
up at High Elven so an engine could be left up there if and and serviced while
it’s up there so we’ll put some water tower and some coal staiths up there that
to enable it to be replenished but that can come off the reversing loop and then
this is where this area here is where I’m going to put a goods facility in
this line up the top here is just a head shunt
essentially partly in case I need to have a shunting engine waiting to be
able to release an engine that’s brought in coal wagon
so that should actually work quite quite well and just a few roads I’m not this
isn’t a huge goods area but it is about getting barley and other essential
supplies down to Weathertop in a fairly straightforward way this will be a
Metcalf good shed I’ve got the kit to build up and these are all obviously
worked on the total sizes expected and these obviously are just a couple of
good sidings and that I think will give me room but we’ll see when we put it on
the layout to do something here that would suggest where goods were coming in
and then in this big white area here right the way up here I can put a
village of high elven upon the raised area and we’ll see what sorts of things
we may be able to fit into that once I’m able to to get this up on the layout so
what I’m gonna do now is as I said I’ll print this out I’ve printed it all out
already actually and I’ve only just put the platform in so the one you’ll see
will not have the platform in but I don’t think that might want too much
difference and we’ll have a look at what it looks like in real life
so I’ll speak again in just a moment. A little bit of time spent with a craft
knife and some Pritt Stick and this is the full-size print of the layout I
haven’t bothered to print out the wholly blank pieces of paper that bound the
area that’s within this black line and that is of course very square
whether it’s actually, it won’t be entirely square when I when I create it
but that’s the sort of area that I want to have for high elven and you can see
rather pleasingly one of the things that I was worried
about was that where these points are whether they would foul the running line
underneath and in fact none of them none of these points or these ones are above
the running lines those two are close to them and it may be when I come to
actually build it that I make some adjustment there I did do some work
before I thought about this to see what is the clearance between the top of an
engine and where the bottom of a point notes would be and I think I have enough
space but we’ll have a good hard look at that and if I need to I would I think I
would happily go with surface mounted motors at the back there because I can
disguise them pretty well I think then it’s not ideal but plainly equally it’s
not ideal to have wires and what-have-you
sitting above the track with the potential for engines to get caught up
in them but High Elven station will sit along here I mentioned that the one you
saw I’d actually put the station on and I printed this out just before I
recorded that last section and that will give me this area to put something of a
town scene in or a village scene for the station what what I’ll probably do then
now which I now need to think about if I come down a bit further you’ll see I’ve
always had it in mind that a road would come in from here probably from a tunnel
or something and it may well be that I’ll may take the hillside pretty much
right down to the front of the board so that a roadway enters from a tunnel and
will now come through here and through that left-hand arch of the bridge which
you you’ll see I’ve tested it with the removals fan and I can get
two removal van widths through there and the bridge will then go up and over
the river I think’s going back to being a river to climb then up at some point
onto that wooden board that you can see there which will be sort of blended in
and then the road swinging round round through this way up to the roads which
are essentially a u-shape so that I can bring it back on itself so this has been
a very useful exercise this is as I mentioned the first, well it’s probably the
third to be fair, but the first proper iteration of this plan I think it works
I think it will be okay for handling goods in this sort of area the station
in this area with its engine shed this is the actual engine shed and if I put
it on that you can see the accuracy of the of the plan the size included the
the doors being open so that’s where the engine shed would sit the station will
finish about here this is just a head shunt to allow the train to run round and
then with a water column and some coal staiths there I think we will be ok so
that I’m rather pleased with that I hadn’t intended to do that today at all
but this has given me a really good idea of of this area more importantly as you
can see perched on that bottle it shows me precisely where the bridge is and now
that I’ve gotten that fixed I can get on a bill Sharkey station site the abutment
for the bridge because at the moment we’ll see the abutment if I go in
a bit further okay you’ll see that the abutment is just flush up against the
end of where the incline finishes so I’ll have to put a wider section in
there and a bit more land for it to to sit on which probably means that under
that bridge on the right-hand side I can now have some kind of pathway which will
go under then the road bridge the road that will be climbing up at that point
as well so already I’ve got lots of ideas buzzing around in my head and
that’s really very useful happy to take any comments if anyone was going to
comments on the on the plan and I think that it’s going to work rather well I
haven’t worked out how I’m going to create the upper area but one of the
things that’s quite useful as you can see because there’s this big white area
here I am going to need access underneath at some point and I’ve got to
build that in so that I can clean the track and rescue any locomotives that
get stuck or if we have an interior onus we shouldn’t have once I’ve got the the
board up there but that I’m really rather pleased with so on that note I’ll
finish here and then I’ll come back in just a minute to wind up this month’s
video well that just about wraps up this edition of Elvenhome and as I said at
the start and now how you’ve now seen the development of the layout has taken
a big step forward today now that I’ve got an idea of what High Elven, the track
layout’s going to be where my bridge is going to be and as a consequence I
can now really start work on thinking about Sharky’s End station and getting all
that fixed into place which will complete them the perimeter of one side
of the L all the way down to halfway along its foot and that would be good
now that we’re into August and we have the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and
also the main festival it probably will be early September before I put my next
video up not least because as I’ll be doing so many other things I may not
have as much time to work on the layout so this can
be my summer break so until I speak to again if you’ve got a holiday coming up
I hope you thoroughly enjoy it and if you’ve enjoyed the video please do like
the video if you haven’t subscribed before please do hit the subscribe
button and the Bell notification so you know when things are being uploaded and
please do let me have your comments particularly on whether what you think
of the proposed layout for High Elven and and it’s good yard but until I speak to
you again bye-bye [Music]

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