NCI Agency Locations – NATO Satellite Ground Station (SGS) F14 Lughezzano

Hello everybody and benvenuti a Lughezzano! It means welcome to Lughezzano! This is a nice location, not far from Verona, and this is the SATCOM (Satellite Communications) F14. As you can see, behind me there is a big ball – that is the way the local people call the radome which is covering our big antenna. F14 is a Satellite Ground Terminal as of today, and it will be implemented very soon and will become a Satellite Ground Station, which means an increment of antennas, up to 4 in total. This means that we will have an increased capability, communication capability, and this is subject to a project run by NCI Agency in order to enhance satellite communication for NATO. Verona is a nice city in the north side of Italy, not far from Venice and from Milan. We are living in a beautiful area because of many reasons. The weather is not that bad if you compare it to the north of Europe. We have good wine and we have good food as well so this is an invitation for you all to come and visit us as soon as possible!

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