Nikon D850 First Impressions: Landscape Photography

FIRST IMPRESSIONS of D850 My name is Luke Austin, I’m a professional
landscape photographer from Western Australia. I’m here on the
South Island of New Zealand testing out the new Nikon D850. The reason I chose this region
to test out the D850 was because you’ve got rainforest,
coastal cliffs, rugged oceans. You’re dealing with
the likes of wind, rain, the ever-changing
lighting conditions. So, I thought this was
a perfect place to ensure that it is a
landscape photographer’s camera. It only took a couple of frames
until I was blown away. I was zooming right in
on the touch LCD and I couldn’t believe just how
detailed these things were. And also, most importantly,
that it was detailed right throughout. All the way to the edges. The ones that I’ve really
been impressed the most with are the ones with a lot of color. A lot of detail we’ve been seeing. I’ve got a lot of depth of image
and separation in color. It’s clear to see, tree branches aren’t
encroaching on each other. There’s different variation
of greens, reds, yellows. I can clearly see that differentiation
between the colors and contrast. The final image has
that three-dimensional appearance. So, for a lot of photographers,
including myself, that have worked
with the D800 and the D810, this next step with the D850
just takes things that much further.


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