Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and the Younglings lost a planet

Reach the Horse around you feel the must Use your abnormal feeling must Ducklings ducklings a visitor Hello master holy one hello I’m sorry to destroy you master What up daddy one I’m looking for a weed by an old friend I trust the system but it disappear archive Lost a planet master daddy has How the embarrased be Liam the slave Garbage around map everyone clear your mind And find holy one garbage It ordered here But it nots Gravity is pulling stars Gravity the same it isn’t and the stars planet disappear they can how can this baby be a thought Anyone master because a field erased garbage achive truly wonderful the mind of a cry is The pad one is right Center of gravity and find your pan The date must of been cancelled But master yoga who cancelled the date Disturbing dangerous things Only a yeti cancelled these dates But why who Harder to answer Meditate this SCREECH

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