OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Calibre 2500 – Video Manual

Welcome to the Seamaster
Planet Ocean Video Manual. Positioned on the side of the watch
is the crown, which is used for setting the time
and adjusting the date. In its normal wearing position the crown ensures
the watch is fully water resistant. It has to be unscrewed
before the time can be set. Although the watch is self-winding, when the crown is in this position,
it can be wound forward for extra power. To set the time, pull the crown out
two clicks to its furthest position. The seconds hand will stop. Turn the crown forward or backward to move the hour and minute hands
to the desired time. To adjust the date,
pull the crown to position 2 and turn it backward
until you reach the desired date. To re-seal the crown,
make sure it’s in position 1. Then push it firmly
while screwing it clockwise. The bezel with its dot and scale
is used for indicating elapsed time, for example, during a dive. By positioning the luminescent dot
at the minute hand when starting the dive, the diver can easily see
how much time has elapsed. The bezel rotates
only in one direction. This ensures that the elapsed diving time
cannot be accidentally decreased. To reset the bezel,
rotate it all the way around. For ease of reading
in low-light conditions, the watch’s hands and applied indexes
are coated with Super-LumiNova which emits a blue or a green light. A feature created specifically
for professional divers is the helium escape valve. When they are working at great depths, these divers spend several days
in a pressurised environment. Here they breathe a special blend
of gases containing helium. The small helium molecules
are able to push past the seals and enter the watch case. To operate the valve, unscrew it as the decompression process
is taking place. The helium escape valve
allows these molecules to escape in a controlled fashion. Your metal bracelet can easily be extended
to fit over a wetsuit. First, press the two pushers
on either side of the clasp and release the bracelet. On the opposite side, unclip the extension
and elongate the bracelet further. To re-set the bracelet
to its original length, simply reverse the process. Carefully replace the extension
so that it clicks properly into position. Thank you
for watching this video manual. We hope
you enjoy your Planet Ocean.

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