Openlayers Plugin in QGIS 3.4 | Overlay Google Map Satellite in QGIS 3.4

Hello friends today’s topic is about QGIS software those who don’t know about QGIS then go and check
out because QGIS is the free and open source geographic information system that is very useful for GIS applications and GIS use purpose so welcome to our channel Learn & Explore If you are new to our channel please subscribe and please LIKE this video if it is helpful for you so what I want to say that QGIS has released the new version 3.4 Madeira and I just downloaded this QGIS new version QGIS Desktop 3.4 in compared to the
previous person that was 2.4 or 2.3 there was openlayers
plugin to load the google satellite image as an overlay image but in this QGIS 3.4 in the manage install plug-in option there is no openlayer plug-in is
available so I also searched over the web for the openlayer plugin but it was not available for versiion 3.4 so there is a problem to load this google map
satellite image in your QGIS application this Google Map image you can see that i have solved this problem by applying this Google Maps satellite so
now I’lll show you the steps to add this Google map satellite I already
applied this so it is showing here so to show you
and for example I’m removing this layer this is a sample data of one of my
project so we can see these some 17 points is available here so now I will
load the Google map satellite image overlay in this project
for these you can see this browser panel is here
this browser pannel you can find this XYZ Tiles
okay in this XYZ Tiles right click on it and you will find this new
connection and this new connection give a name for the connection or something
giving this name is is Google map satellite so I have put this name
now this URL this is most important thing and this is the main thing
actually so I have a link in which I will provide this link into my video
description please go and check this is the link for google map satellite and
this is the link for google map normal google map so i will use this link for
satellite just copy on it and paste this URL here okay and do not change anything
in this dialog box just press okay okay so after that
click on this drop down list and go for created the created new connection
new connection to load the connection double tap on it and you layers will
open so to show my data i’m moving up moving of this layer see Google Maps satellite layer is created so hope you guys like this video so please give a big LIKE thumb for this video don’t forget to subscribe our channel thank you guys for watching this video Thank You so much. [MUSIC]

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