Michael! Vsauce here. And if Flat Earth wore pants, would it wear them like this? Or, like this? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee If Earth isn’t flat, then how come our shoes are like this, and not like this? *grows tumor and screams in unimaginable agony* I’m just playing around guys. We’re just having fun here, laughing at Flat Eartheners. How original! How clever. (It) takes such bravery to be such contrarian in today’s society. Puh! Isn’t it fun to just laugh at other people? From unlikable celebrities, like Tila Tequila, *high pitched voice* Where is the tilt, guys?! I’m still looking for it! To dying rappers, like B.o.B, I’d like to thank everybody who donated to- appreciate it. However, I made a few alterations to the campaign by raising The original amount from $200,000 to a million because… You wanted more money. I see what you’re doing, B.o.B. I would love to have a million dollars to prove that the earth is actually round. That would be great. Check out the GoFundMe in the description guys, I think if we can finally set an end to this debate: together. As long as I get all the money. *Burps* But what is an actual Flat Earther look like? Well luckily, they all went together at a convention So let’s investigate. “This is going to be a day that’s gonna be.. etched in history.” “The quest for truth, and it can seem crazy, but all of us laugh at this topic, including myself.” “This is probably the most ridiculous thing I ever thought that I’d be doing, and here I am, organizing the Flat Earth international conference, but I’m not laughing anymore.” 1..2..3.. [people yell together] WE’RE NOT CRAZY! YES YOU AAAAARE! “There’s a lot of people that have different ideas on what the Flat Earth is..” “But what one thing we all agree on is that we don’t live on a spinning ball flying through infinite space.” [Different weirdo] “Do you feel yourself spinning? Wobbling, gyrating?” “No, I’m pretty rock solid.” *Laughs* *Mocking* Ay! If I can’t feel the gravity, then how can it be real, huh? “No, I’m pretty rock solid.” Explain that to me, huh. I feel rock solid where I’m standing. There- therefore the earth must be flat. It’s science, based on my self. “…Toilet water is not flying out on people in Australia because of gravity.” Wait- wait a minute, eh? Australia, are you okay? Are you okay over there, Australia, eh? A-Am I just supposed to- [Dramatic Music] Am I just supposed to drink this? How does it enter my system if the Earth’s round, doesn’t make any sense. [Music continues] (smack of lips) [More music] I need to conduct an experiment. So if I drink it upside down, there’s no way it should be able to enter my system. [silence] [more music] [coughing] It came up my nose, it’s fizzy water Your move, flat earthers. Well, hello! [Guy in video] “It doesn’t fly out of the toilet because water seeks its level.” Water seeks its level?? Whe- Wait.. That doesn’t make any sense. None of this makes any sense. If water seeks its level, then how come I can drink it upside down, As I just demonstrated? Flat Earthers, you need to become more consistent with your theories, please. Don’t waste my time. [Video] The Flat Earth would be a…. Circular…. flat area Surrounded by a field that is known as Antarctica. [Lady] This white rim, Someone didn’t give this man enough attention as a child. *Laughs* I need to find some way so I can be special, too. This woman is amazing by the way. Look- this line: I love so much. [Lady] This white rim, around the outside, a lot of people refer to it as the Ice Wall. Yes, of course, the Ice Wall! Of course! [Ominous Music] Welcome. Why doesn’t water fall off the planet if the Earth isn’t flat? Ice Wall! You silly, dumb, panty….tents. I mean, I’m actually being sold more and more on this theory. The more I hear about it, the more it makes sense. This picture? PAH! Don’t make me laugh. That’s unrealistic. Okay, where is the ice wall, guys? There’s not even a turtle underneath it. [Guy in video] “I believe that some kind of star field firmaments about six thousand miles above us.” “And it appears to be-” *Laughs* I love this guy. He’s like- uh.. Alt-reality Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. *Laughs* He also just tosses strange words around to to sort of prove his point – a cymatic light field. Electromagnetic energy not gravity at all gravity’s a deception the Sun the moon are these transcendental. Cymatic the sun in the move are this transid etic ciphering and lunin morphix. It’s science Neil deGrasse Tyson wouldn’t tell you about that. That’s right The best way to prove something is through rap all science should be based on rap music alright If Stephen Hawking is isn’t rapping it, then I don’t want to hear it Just don’t waste my time for my mother if I tried to talk to her about any of these things She doesn’t believe me. I just can’t take that rejection, so My mother With our money they’re lying I ain’t buying Who’s they? Well, basically… Satan Ya See this water? It’s being manipulated right now And I’m a Christian channel, so I’m able to Transmute it fuse it so that it stays in the water bottle As far as I know I’m the first guy In the whole world to make a working Physical model of the flat earth That is not an achievement. This is alt reality Logan Paul. I’m the first one guys I’m the first one to do this insane thing. I named this one, hidden lands beyond, because some of us think that there’s other lands that they’re hiding from so this is a fantasy game But in the game you have the prime material plane. Yep. Let’s step away from that guys There’s an opening right there in the ice wall I can’t believe we never see this Do you see this? There’s an escape, we can escape to the other lands! To to do what exactly ? They discover these other lands, and they just don’t want us to know about it I mean you know we might want to go there repopulate it I mean [laughs] You know flat earthers I guarantee it, but you don’t know who they are because they’re afraid of talking about it But I’m not a flat earthener so Marzia!? A lot of people are going: this is crazy right, but think about this for the last 20 – 25 generations This is what we’ve told people Oh my god of course since we used to believe it Then it totally makes sense Just like we believe that contents [continents] didn’t move or that babies don’t feel pain or that the size and shape of your head Determines your behavior, that’s right. We used to think it so it has to be true Well [woman:]I’ve watched over 50 hours of video. [Pewdiepie:]That’s it. That’s how you know if you watch a lot of YouTube videos That’s evidence, and I did my own testing what was the tests take do you take a straight edge and you go from one end and you follow the Horizon of the horizon yeah, that’s a straight edge just to the other end and it’s it’s flat What kind of experiment is that? I just walk across the shore for like 20 minutes And like I didn’t see your curve it never showed up, and I just kept walking and it’s never showed up doesn’t make any sense One of my favorite flat eartheners Glenn Hall aka not a fool man He’s a mathematician, and he’s taking judge court cases that no one else would take I call this video the simplest Irrefutable flat earth proof Now I know there’s gonna be some people who watch this [Pewdiepie: Not me watch this hmhmhm] who know me personally and people who know me personally Know that I am NOT a fool. [P:]He’s not a fool guys I have a degree in math and I have a juris doctorate and I have been practicing law for almost 30 years [P:] Wow [man in video:] now notice as I am going south I have to continue dipping the nose of my airplane In order to stay level. [P:] that’s right. You don’t even have to do that because of gravity. It’s great. It’s fantastic [man in video:] I’m gonna continue all the way To Antarctica [P:] oh my god, he’s right Why doesn’t he just fly off to space? [man in video:] continuing to dip down and finally I get down here to? Antarctica and look at that [P:] he’s upside down [man:] my airplane is upside down [P:] you can learn about you can test gravity yourself Just take a bucket with water in it and spin it Why does the water stay in the bucket? This is like first grade level stuff. [man in video:] I think they cling to it because It feels to them like they have special knowledge that other people aren’t aware of and that That you a sense of purpose and a sense of meaning. There’s no thing It’s a dead meme at this point, and I think we should just drop the whole laughing at them as well It’s not doing anyone a favor I honestly I sympathize with these people clearly they are lacking something in their life to cling on to these obscure ideas and Probably best to just leave it at that


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