Photographing Sri Lanka’s Most Sacred Landscape

okay camera… so we’re in a taxi we’ve
just packed up and left candy and we’re on our way to Sigiriya… sigiriya…
Sigiriya uhmm, sigiriya where yeah there’s a big massive
peak I think the giant peak that’s there is sacred as well and according to our
driver just now there’s wild elephants that might chase us if they’re feeling
sexy many but many animals go to monkey and lot of birds and wild elephant also
you going to see give you see in your hotel rode your hotel rode in the
nighttime very careful where the elephants chasers now sometimes sometime
crazy they put very wrong six I’m very committed to sigirya something like
that I’ll never pronounce it properly we made it here and I can’t tell you how
much it reminds me of West Africa it kind of reminds me a lot of Burkina Faso
just kind of the way the hotel is it’s like a lodge with a swimming pool and a
restaurant and it’s fenced off and gated off and then it’s like very arid and dry
here the roads remind me of it it’s just like every now and then we’ll see like a
Buddhist temple for a Hindu temple and I’m like that doesn’t belong in Burkina
Faso and then I remember we’re not in Burkina Faso we’re in Sri Lanka and it’s
hot way hotter here than it was in candy and because it’s hot we thought that it
would be a smart idea to who climb up a hill
I could use some water somewhere that I can do where I can finally see the sky
all the noise and all the gay Hey elephant
so our driver as we were coming in told us that sometimes there’s wild elephants
on this road and that we have to be careful there’s lots of elephant poo but
that’s more likely from like people doing elephant rides which you shouldn’t
do by the way if you’re a tourist be a good tourist don’t do an elephant ride
but apparently there are wild elephants so I’ve been doing like the Canadian
thing and just yelling hey elephants and hoping we don’t get charged but I had
Keats put on a yellow jacket because it’s common knowledge that elephants
hate yellow so they’ll take him out and I’ll be fine okay we made it to the top buckets
absolutely buckets of sweat were dripped the view is unreal but there’s
definitely not going to be a sunset tonight there’s a ton of haze on the
horizon a little bit of wind but it was good to come up here anyway for sunset
kind of scout it out and try to figure it out because now tomorrow we can
probably just get away with taking one lens up
looks like 24 to 70 probably it also looks like you got to get way over to
the left to balance the peak in front of the peaks in the background or it just
kind of looks lopsided I don’t think there’s much more than one or two shots
up here even if the light goes off but yeah we’re gonna hang out and wait for
it to get dark and then we’ll come back in the morning buildings and about tens streams instead
of tens take all the gray and turn it green people like a stage
flowing through this tree passing over passing over me all the noise in all the
gay Oh it’s 5:30 in the morning sunrises in 30
minutes we’re back up top it is really really windy up here and I’m struggling
kind of to try to figure out what I want to do with this shot I tried getting
some foreground in but none of the lines seem to lead the right way I tried going
really telephoto but something just doesn’t look right about the balance
with the mountains in the background of the peak of Lion
I think it’s called lion’s head of the big peak you got the big peak obviously
let me try to turn you around and look at my lcd you got Lions peak there and
then you’ve got these other mountains behind right there and in a weird way
they kind of just don’t balance they just don’t look right together and as a
result I’m struggling a little bit with composition I could go really telephoto
in and put the lion’s head on the left and then the mountains in the background
on the right but I think it just looks a little bit basic so instead I’m kind of
messing around with some odd compositions I’m going vertical and
trying to capture a lot of sky because there’s a lot of cool definition in this
sky and getting very little ground in the shot and I think doing stuff like
that is gonna help but sometimes these really obvious big huge viewpoints are
the hardest thing to photograph but yeah gonna keep working it out and hopefully
the light keeps coming because it looks like it has a little bit of potential
this morning a little bit hazy but a little bit of potential too Oh well guys the sky is just exploding in
this beautiful pink color I’m struggling trying to capture everything because
you’ve got the beautiful pink sky and you’ve also got this beautiful green and
by putting a polarizer on you get the greens to really come out but it kind of
kills the sky a little bit so what I’m doing is I’m taking one photo with the
polarizer on to get the greens and get that contrast in the forest and then a
second photo without the polarizer to get the color in the sky and then I’ll
blend them together it looks incredible I have no longer I no longer have issues
with my composition it’s very simple it’s very big and wide open it kind of
makes the peak look a little bit small but I still think it’s really dramatic
so yeah this is going well and yeah check this out it’s been a fun day it’s been windy it’s
been challenging and it’s definitely not the easiest place in the world to
photograph it’s so spectacular to the eye and I just hope that photos trends
like that I really hope that the photos trans like that and yeah it’s been fun
it’s been fun so far in Sri Lanka we are at heading on a train journey today to
this afternoon and I guess that’s when the next video will come from we’re
heading towards Ella and I guess I’ll see you guys there
peace you


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