Planet 51 All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360, Wii)

LEM you clearly have no idea what you’re
talking about however what we are desperate the jobs
yours yes I’m gonna play see you later I have to do some research on base 9
aren’t you working at the comic book store and what do you think we really do
there let’s go home get your bike hey Neera I want to tell
you something come on Mira the cause needs you tell me
later Lam see ya bye hello lamb have you seen Neera yes she
just left with a friend I can’t believe this
neither can i she left without mowing the lawn oh right
when she gets back she’s going to be in hot water no no she was in a rush and I
told her I’d take care of long oh really look mommy a worker he’s in my class
he’s a freak don’t talk like that bored he seems like a good boy helping his
family um listen boy if you want to earn a
little extra you can mow our long mommy I want to mow the lawn – but sweetie
darling that’s what poor people do who you looking for skin Eckel he’s been
after the humane iax comic all week now I finally have one and he’s nowhere to
be seen don’t worry I’ll find him and give him
some Thanks you don’t have the latest you
maniacs yes I do let’s see it then my friend skips
getting it for me he works in a comic store Yeah right
hey Eko you don’t have it I know you don’t thanks LEM you’re an expert paper
launcher and faster than most on the bike you and I can do business together
come by when it suits you and we’ll talk good to see you
here’s the deal you deliver these newspapers and I’ll give you a sticker
album but you have to do it fast if you take too long the subscribers get angry
and you can forget all about that album very good LEM here’s that sticker album
if you want stickers you have to deliver more newspapers you can also earn them
doing other tasks well em I hope to see you again soon I should take the car to the garage but
then it isn’t mine anymore you sold it no I’ve given it to the new
assistant curator of the observatory congratulations LEM yes you have to
drive over the speed limit or the engine will overheat ma’am what did you bring
me a car or a tin can think you can fix it bring it into the garage and I’ll
take a look here’s your column take care of it wow
that’s great Thanks Wow so LEM has a new car this one
works with pedals right LEM that’s enough bored I don’t know why you need
such a big car when you’ve no idea how to drive
I Drive about a thousand times better than you that’s easily said it’s easily
said and easily proved you and me should race yeah you talk in races cool if you
want one go to the observatory see you there
loser first one to the train station wins ready now hey that doesn’t count he cheated
grease drive man you won’t be so lucky next time don’t
worry about him if you ever run a race you can count on me hello sir what are you doing here hello
ma’am do you want to enter the competition um what is it an astronomic
photography competition the prize is a scholarship for the National Observatory
shall I put you down yes please put me down as well miss Oh Lord what a
surprise I didn’t know you’re interested in astronomy this scholarship means
everything to me you know that right limb
attention all two classes have been suspended for the rest of the day due to
the alien invasion and the end of life as we know it attention all two classes have been
suspended for the rest of the day due to the alien invasion them we have to take
things in hand to prevent widespread panic put up this poster on the door of
the observatory please hurry no what I just realized land you’re a
big loser you’re going to lose the photography competition and now you’ve
lost the poster give it back first you have to beat me limb you have to help me I have to get
back to my spaceship okay but after that you have to leave well
yeah no no this can’t be a planet with only three channels will you stop that
you’re worse than my dad this is terrible terrible and it’s all
commercials if it bothers you that much switch it off you’re right I’ll switch
it off got anything to read no what do you mean no this place is full of books
comics don’t switch off the TV first yes then no just guys from another planet
this is just what I need want to buy a camera want to take photos
of your girlfriend huh of something much more reachable space you all right skip
do I look all right no the aliens have invaded and they want
to destroy life as we know it and what’s worse if I’m going to be fired what
happened there’s a news you maniacs comic promotion with balloons
it sounds great yeah but the balloons escaped so now I’m going to be fired how
did they get away live long and prosper live long and
prosper hey skip how’d you lose them that doesn’t matter
but if I don’t get them back I’m fired can’t you help me
thanks LEM want to go to the comic store with me
I can’t I’m looking for a photography store know where I can find one sure in
the commercial district near the Preston thanks how annoying I have to close up
because I told the mechanic I’d help them
excuse me yes I’d like to buy a clicking pic sorry I have to close up
I promised the mechanic wait just a minute
maybe we can make a deal I’m unlisting if you go to the gas station and help
the mechanic I’ll give you a click and pic camera for free what do you say cool
hello lamb I was told to expect you it’s real nice to meet you nice to meet you
the first thing I need you to do is take this car to the police station
geez Garlock will explain what to do from there don’t go too slow because the
motor heats up real quick take this car to the construction site
next to the mountain road tunnel when you get there a friend will pick it up
problem is it only works in reverse gear so be careful your last job is to take
this car to the garage be careful because the steering screwy the repair
is along the way will be a real help well done let them you’ve really earned
this camera thanks the camera doesn’t have a zoom lens but
we can make another deal like what there’s a package for the villa on the
mountain if you take it I’ll give you the zoom lens it’s a deal what a nice
boy I always tell my children not all poor people are thieves and here’s the
proof what is it what is it ah it’s not for me it’s for my brother bird you
don’t have to scream little brother the ultra mega shot with this camera I’ll
win the competition for sure thanks LEM you’re a good little worker
there’s nothing I can do now this is incredible
on this planet they think humans are monsters with mental powers please Chuck
leave me alone let me get inside your head I see something that’s bothering
you tell me I don’t want to bore you with my stories we’re a team you and me
you’re gonna help me get my spaceship back into oh I can’t help you unless I
know what’s wrong okay in high school and board only wants to win to hurt me
he doesn’t care about astronomy but it means everything to me
me hmm I wonder if anyone’s planning to take a picture of the comet what comment
the one is passing your planet tonight it’s because of that comet my trip was
earlier and I missed the Super Bowl the what I keep forgetting how backward you
guys are here do you want the prize then take your camera
let’s go snap a comet you think I could win the competition with this photo I
don’t know I mean how good can a photo be without me in it we’d better get home
it’s not safe for you out here this is a good picture these colors this contrasts
the tones but it’s black and white I know but this white and this black
well looks as if a winner’s been decided then wait a moment I’m on time right no yes you have something to show us that is
just a regular sky at night photo the comet what comet
yeah what comet it doesn’t have a name yet no one knew about it until it
touched the atmosphere it’s possible this is the only picture we have of the
comet them do you mind if I keep it it’s settled then from now on the picture is
property of the National Museum congratulations LEM the award is yours the aliens closed I just know it I can
feel it general it may have turned citizens into zombies and be relying on
their help diabolical I don’t get it LEM why are we hiding here the army won’t
think to look in a comic store but why don’t we go to a different comic store
because there are no other comic stores in town then let’s hide him in another
town guys listen thanks for everything but it looks like time I cut out
farewell my friends it was a pleasure knowing you you’re not going anywhere
Roma where are you dying Grover Rover you don’t want to go in there it’s
full of soldiers good idea all of them still we’re high up so I can see inside
the stadium me guiding you soldiers won’t discover you at least things are
bit calmer now what did you find Rover whoa Oh Oh finally
I’ve got you after all this time all right let’s go inside I’m only doing
this because I don’t want just 11 children growing up bottle it they will
be eternally grateful Robert Robert Robert what’s up with
Robert he he ran away Robert we followed him to the baseball stadium then pour
over I have to go and find him here lamb this device will show you where Rover is
I think I’d better stay here all right but nobody touch anything
let’s go Lynn we have to find Rover look like Rovers in the dog pound let’s go
Rover we’re closed unless you come about –
Jeff yeah I need you to catch some dogs they make it fast
I want people I can rely on good job guys
I knew I could trust you come back any time
there’s plenty more jobs for you here you listening to me huh yeah sure
hi lambs get in the car right now where I’m leaving I’m coming I’m coming hey
LEM I won’t let them take Rover skip how are you dude good to see it I
found a great place to race sorry I’m a bit busy at the moment
now you’ve got time right guys this time I’m going to win it’s payback time
finally some cool racing action hey Rover what did you find looks like a message from earth alright
what’s that – captain Chuck Baker your report is over 24 hours late
should we not hear from you shortly we will be forced to apply protocol 18 B 18
P that means they’re going to send a ship to rescue Chuck how do you know
that it’s all in the comics this is great Chuck when they are right you can
introduce us to your earth friends they’ll love earth in advanced culture
think about what we do with aliens here lock them up in base nine and remove
their brains Chuck’s people wouldn’t do that sorry
skiff I think my people aren’t that different to yours in that department
it’s a good thing Rover only sent pictures of rocks if my people discover
there’s intelligent life here thanks I’d hate to think what they do to your
planet the best thing to do is find somewhere uninhabited video it then send
the recording back to earth you ready Rover this way Rover let’s go
captain Chuck Baker reporting the planet I’ve landed on is totally uninhabited
and has no life at all of any kind at all nothing to see here no siree
this was Rover and this is the end of the transmission that’s good Rover let’s go to a module
so we can send a message Rover looks like those dogs are coming over
Rover Rover as you can see general we’re looking at
a sophisticated machine that can turn us all into mindless zombies this antenna
are you listening general excuse me professor there’s an alien I have to
catch come on Rover give me the recording 10 hours 12 minutes and 3
seconds remaining until message transmission 10 hours 12 minutes 10
hours what if it gets interrupted hmm maybe I’ll take the security card
that’ll help make sure it doesn’t they can’t stop the transmission without it
let’s go Rover general we have ten hours to catch the
alien attention all units just where is he then I was worried don’t worry Lam
everything’s under control I think I’ve got a great idea if we can get you on TV
everybody will see you’re not a monster and let you have your shit back what do
you think me on TV huh great idea I’ll go check out the TV
studio just stay here okay that’s it I ain’t taking this to any further poor
thing he’s just a sweet little monkey it’s a
gorilla you take it if you want I’ve had enough don’t worry Neera I’ll take it
hurry up then the ring Max is waiting he’ll get angry at your lake it’s the
circuses grand opening in a week maybe my little clowns interested in two
tickets one for his little girlfriend the front growl you bet you just need to
clean your inner with something a bit like a lawn mower know how to handle
something like that yes sir I do you can’t escape I’m coming for all of
you hahahahaha I have to get to the comic store before
Grall what’s up Lim we have to get out of here now run Lim I’ll catch up I belong to friends of the aliens you
should hide man till things calm down get in I’ll come with you
click Ellen get in there now put this on thanks Clark this isn’t for you this is
for intergalactic peace snap into action will ya LEM zombie zombie run LEM get in come on lamb to the yellow car hurry just do you have the security card
general you needed to interrupt the message I have it you’re making a big
mistake I’ll go to the baseball team see you at least none
no hurry general the alien and I will need some time together I have to stop
draw getting to the baseball stadium two seconds until message transmission one
second until message transmission message transmitted listen freak we know your buddy Lim
still collaborating with the alien collaborating so you’re going to tell us
where he is professor Kipple wants to play with that
zombie making brain of his well slim ah LEM LEM what’s going on LEM
come on let’s go echo an era have gone with Rover and they’ve got Chuck at base
nine we have to rescue him I knew it come on guys don’t let them escape skip
get in that was totally cool em then I’ll get
you for this you hear me you can’t escape me I’ll be back
come on skiff Chuck needs us looks like we can’t get through here there are
fences to stop trespassers no trespassing
great let’s go skiff this is private land leave or we will you fall there’s a
car skiff let’s go Robert Neera nobody’s ever happy to see me slim I was so
scared those soldiers almost caught us yeah but
it was my idea to hide in this gas station and you know what Rover found
base nine great to see you boys what’s the plan lam plan tell me you’ve got a
plan sure damned if I may this panel clearly
shows the guards route using a transmitter
I could guide Rover in that way find Chuck where’s the DRI that was my plan
be careful boy what’s the plan this time go first proverb we didn’t Kippur won’t bother us again
attention all units the alien has state clown go hunting
I repeat closed whole fucking get to the hangar we all makes you there what we
wrote not sure what happened there but it
looks like we’re in the clear let’s go meet up with the others I’ve been
thinking LEM according to the comics I read we need
to put a battery in each of the four sensors scattered around base nine how
do you know all that well we’re in base nine the ships in a hangar there’s a van
before batteries it all made sense doesn’t it actually yeah wait here for
Chuck I’ll put those batteries in the sensors great but make it fast
we don’t want Grall to appear or kimple the hangar door is open is Chuck here
yet we’re here oh we didn’t think you’d make it
excellent idea professor deactivating the alarm enticed that rebel together
get ready men good Rover take us to the ship
so let them escape get any other vehicle and follow me quickly Chuck you did it
hey that was a real team effort and I even helped out too and mean ed Rover
like he said guys it was a team effort now let’s get to my ship mark they’ll
rescue Chuck yeah totally Lars think they’ll get the spaceship back yeah
totally Glock think totally you Oh you Oh yeah Oh you I No who Oh


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