Planet Air Miami Rocks! vlog #50 CON ALEXSA MARVEL

Hello my loves, I’m here at Planet Air Sports I came with the girls and with a very famous youtuber from Cuba who is here on vacation her name is Alex Marvel we will be enjoying this afternoon together today And I hope you enjoy it through my eyes Let’s get in Today we are at Planet Air Sports where the fun never ends They have various activities for children, youth and adults It is a center of physical activities, sports but also for festivities and birthdays The cost for activities is approximately $20.00 per each activities But you can also buy combos that include trampolines with one or three attractions The price of the combos varies between $ 29.50, or $ 39.50 0r $ 49.50 which is the one i always recommend Lets get in! I invite you to have fun through our video Well let’s go there! We invite you to watch this video because it will be super! Fun! Now watch! Let go! Do it! Let go! I was very scared Poor Girl and now we will record a competition for the second time because on the very first time We were unable to record it for technical failures so we will raise again to see which of the two wins I will be winning this time, Alexa! we better don’t tell who won before, right? That was a practice and it dod not count I Won! I won for second time! I won for second time, ok? Lets do something different because this has been a bit tricky i am going to check if the robes were easier than the wheels ok, because she won twice so I don’t think it’s fair Lets see who wins now! Yes, Lets see who wins now! ha ha I’m supposed to do it the hardest way At once, wait, wait, wait At once, two, and three Ok Alexsa is stronger than me! That’s so you eat more meat and less vegetables I eat vegetables and she eats a lot of meat! and it was demonstrated learn to eat more meat and less grass Ok, now we are really starting ! This is really hard to do And it occurs to me to record here with the cell phone she is using the phone to record hahaha now put the phone away now It is the last section we will do this afternoon Its the hardest one The tallest one wish us good uck Look at our hands now they are super red now I was asking if they do massage here but they say no Poor girls And this was it for today We are going home now But we are actually happy and tire with all we did I feel like I really won the raise with Alexa and Isabella in everything we did! But we really had fun today We proof to be super sporty And if you come to Miami this is one of the place to visit with your kids so come and have a wonderful afternoon that was it for today I am QueenVegaMiami, Follow me!


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