Planet Ark 2019 Two-minute Challenge

Hi. Planet Ark is taking the two-minute
challenge to share with you all the great achievements
we had in 2019 with the help of our supporters. Start the clock! This National Tree Day, communities across Australia
planted over 820,000 trees. Since 1996 the Tree Day community has
planted over 25 million trees. We started the Seedling Bank to help community groups access seedlings to
plant for National Tree Day. We released the National Tree Day Report on the benefits of trees in the urban environment. Cartridges 4 Planet Ark has recycled over
3.6 million cartridges in the last 12 months. That brings the total of cartridges recycled since the program began to
over 44 million. National Recycling Week was
our biggest yet. We had more media coverage more participation from schools, businesses and government than ever before. RecyclingNearYou continues to grow with over
3.8 million pageviews in the past 12 months. We also reached half a million pageviews on
Business Recycling. Millions of Aussies learned about
The Australasian Recycling Label through social media, TV
and ads on billboards and trains. It is also now part of the
National Waste Policy Action Plan. The Make it Wood campaign has
presented at over 30 seminars and conferences. Reached over a quarter of Australians through the
Ultimate Renewable campaign and celebrated the introduction of the
West Australian Wood Encouragement Policy. Planet Ark Power has installed over
120 solar energy systems which reached 10,000 kilowatts
of capacity. It was a huge year for Planet Ark Power’s
eleXsys technology. It won an award at the Start Up Energy
Transition Awards in Berlin and was presented to the
World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. We finished our Coffee 4 Planet Ark trial and we released a report with
recommendations to the industry. To help Australia transition to a circular economy we started the National Circular Economy Hub and joined forces with the Holland Circular Hotspot. Behind the scenes, we’ve helped more
businesses than ever before reduce their impact on the environment. We’ve spent hundreds of hours
researching environmental topics such as chemicals used in consumer products. We’ve sold more than twelve hundred tonnes of
Planet Ark 100% recycled office paper. The team in our Information Centre
helped 10,000 enquirers make better environmental choices. More than 21,000 new users followed
us on social media. We’ve been in the press over six and a
half thousand times in the last 12 months including some of Australia’s
biggest publications and broadcasts and 751 of those were television appearances on some of Australia’s most popular programs. OK, so we might have gone a bit over two minutes but it was a very big year! From all the team at Planet Ark
we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020. Happy holidays!

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