Planet Ayurveda Arjun tea Reviews – Antioxidants Rich Herbal Tea !!

Many people ask what the secret of my energy is, I do not know that but today I have a lot of energy. You used to listen to me on 94.3 My FM, I am RJ Meenakshi and now you are watching me here. I have come here to URJA Sector 34 and I have got extra energy because I have tried Arjun tea. Yes, this Arjun tea from Planet Ayurveda is very energetic and it adds a lot of freshness and positivity to you. Right now I am with Meenakshi ji. I am also Meenakshi and when Meenakshi and Meenakshi come together, they always do wonders. Okay, definitely try Arjun tea and come to URJA, come to the stall. Being a general manager at Planet Ayurveda, it is a very responsible task. We all are busy with work all day. In that busy schedule and by attending many meetings, some rejuvenation is required that keeps you young with you. For my fitness, I have been drinking Arjun tea every day for many years. I tell everyone to drink it. Many people come to me for a meeting and I offer them Arjuna tea instead of normal tea. Arjun Tea contains very good herbs, mainly Arjun in it. Apart from this, there is a combination of small cardamom, big cardamom, and Punarnava herbs. It is very simple tea, caffeine-free and it does not contain normal tea. It is very rejuvenating and gives a lot of energy. It is full of antioxidants. Whenever I feel tired or want to have something, I just take a sip of Arjun Tea. This is very good for the whole family. Hello, I am from the Planet Ayurveda team from Macedonia. I want to spread my experience of using this product, Arjun tea. All the people who are using this product has very much way to hear all the benefits. So I am recommended to everybody. Hi everybody, my name is Karolina from Macedonia and I want to share something with you, Four years ago I had a health problem. I had high blood pressure, cholesterol and low energy. That time Dr. Vikram Chauhan recommend me to take Arjun tea. So these four years I take regularly Arjun tea. Now I am 56 years old and I feel wonderful. I recommended everybody who has such problems to take Arjun tea. Thank you, Dr. Vikram. Thank you Planet Ayurveda. I am doing the job of an office coordinator here. The workload of work is very much and so many patients’ queries come, we have to show interest in them. There is fatigue because the workload is too much. But our advantage here is that we drink Arjun tea once in the morning and once in the evening This is the tea of Planet Ayurveda. Because of this, we do not have any fatigue or weakness during the whole day. Our mind is engaged in work, this tea makes our mind fit and fine and fresh. I will recommend this to the other professionals too if their workload is high, they feel weak, then drink Arjun tea of Planet Ayurveda, they will see the change themselves. It’s a very good product for heart, blood pressure and when we get fatigue, lack of energy we prefer Arjun tea. Arjun tea, it’s a very delicious tea. When you need to take some energy. When I started drinking Arjun tea, I felt much improved. I like it very much I stopped drinking normal tea since I adopted it. Hey, my name is Vasko. I am using Arjun tea from Planet Ayurveda. It is tasty, it is natural and is very healthy. So, I recommend it to everyone. Hi, this is Dr. Rupali from Singapore. Arjun tea by Planet Ayurveda is tasty, healthy, natural and very-very effective. I like this product very much. Arjun tea is tasty. It’s natural and it’s healthy. I recommend to everyone. Get one for yourself. Hi, I’m from Nigeria. I recently used Arjun tea from Planet Ayurveda. It’s very tatey, healthy and natural. I recommend it to everyone. I love Arjun tea because it is tasty, it is natural and it is healthy. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you. Arjun tea by Planet Ayurveda is tasty, it is natural. It is healthy and very effective. I love this product very much. I want to say, I have been drinking the Arjuna tea of Planet Ayurveda for the last one year, which provides very good results. I also had a heart problem, which is fine now. This opens the veins. It is also energetic and is a very good thing. I suggest that doctors bring it into daily use and practice, it will show good results. Hi, I am from Nigeria. I am using Arjun tea by Planet Ayurveda. It’s really tasty, it’s healthy and it’s natural and I recommend it to everyone. Arjun tea by Planet Ayurveda is tasty, it is natural, it is healthy and very effective. like this product very much. Hello friends, a cup of Arjun tea in the morning makes me feel so energetic. It’s a better way to stay healthy and fit. I’ve tried Arjun tea. It’s very tasty, it’s very good and natural. And I would like to recommend it to everyone. Arjun tea is rich in natural glycosides. and it also the richest source of CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) and you can replace your ordinary tea with Arjun tea and if you want to add Arjun tea in your regular tea, you can do that. and it is very tasty, it is healthy and it is very useful not only for heart problems but also good for blood pressure, cholesterol, relaxation and other problems like general weakness and detoxification. So you can use it everyday. Thank you. Thanks for watching our video. You can also like, share and comment and also subscribe to our Youtube channel for further updates.

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