Planet Coaster | Qadira Part 1 | Brakes, Transfer and storage

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to an all new series Qadira It’s been a while since I’ve been actually building things. With Society Park being finished and rendering all the movies Don’t worry I’m still bussy rendering so there are plenty of movies coming up showing POV’s in Society Park Anyway I did wanted to build something and I wanted to build a very dense coaster and heavily theme is I also tried another technique which makes this coaster very smooth and I’m very happy with it’s lenghty layout It takes 2 minutes from beginning to end and as you might have seen you immediatly drop down from the station. The Helix coaster in Liseberg has been my inspiration for that. For this coaster I want to try a gothic theme and make it very dense so that the coaster is flying across all sorts of buildings Also I’m going to completly custom support this whole coaster. Not like I had a choice since most automatic supports are removed by some underlaying track or path xD But I like the idea so we’ll try to do that. All in all it’s a dual launch coaster bringing you up to speeds of 105 km/h and over 10 !? moments of airtime The name Qadira is both arabic and gothic. And in gothix it means powerfull which I figured was very fitting for this coaster. This series won’t be released every week (yet) since there will be some POV’s of Society Park coming up. Anyway I’ll let you guys to it. So sit back, enjoy and I’ll see you guys the next time!


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