Planet Coaster: Space Mountain Magic Kingdom (Subtitles)

Space Mountain in Disney World has 2 tracks. They are mirrors of each other. This is the “Omega” track. The other one is “Alpha”. This is where the “Strobe Tunnel” is This turnaround is actually supposed to be “outside” of the main mountain. This curve should be longer. It’s a rough ride, but the layout is mostly accurate, besides differences in height. Ignore the jaggedness of the dome. It was a crap copy and paste job from the model already on the Steam Workshop. Space Mountain is slow, but it’s not THIS slow. I’m having difficulty with speed accuracy, due to friction in the game. The Red Re-Entrance tunnel is here. Supports will be turned off in the next version, as the unloading station is directly below the loading area. This lift is only for train return to the loading platform. Rarely do guests have access to it, unless they can ride twice. The Station and Strobe Tunnel need to be lowered. It’s nowhere near this high!

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