Planet Coaster | Water Witch Part 1 | Station building

Hello fellow Planet Coaster lovers! Welcome to a new project in which we’ll try to make the best of this 4D-Coaster This will be another darkride with a fantasy like theme called Water Witch Naturally this coaster will also feature allot of water and caves to give the feeling that you’re actually submerged under water As you might know it has been quite a while since I had a project for one roller coaster only. Tower of Babel is almost one year!? old I haven’t been sitting still in the meantime… There were two firework shows, a haunted house and there have been 28 episodes of Society Park! I do have a couple of ideas but not the time to execute them. But it was high time for something new This became Water Witch. Now this series won’t have a certain frequency in updates since I’ll be working on it in between episodes of Society Park, which is for me the highest priority cause I can’t wait to see the finished park and be able to show it. But every now and then you’ll see an episode of Water Witch dropping by. Now actually going to the footage cause I have been going along for quite a bit. I chose the 4D-coaster for this because I wanted to experiment with it but also because it can give that extra kick to the coaster and makes some interesting movements even on a straight track. I believe that this will enhance the feeling of being in a world of magic. The station itself starts out pretty basic but I’ll make it very detailed. Not in a park now so I can go absolutely mental with the part count 😀 Here I’m putting in the concrete edge besides the tracks to prevent from anyone getting hurt. You also see this allot with these type of coasters in real life and I did want to add a certain amount of realism Which will get quite interesting since it is a fantasy like coaster. But I can say that the station turned out great and I’m actually a bit proud of it xD Hence also the reason that I decided to release the first update on my birthday, so it is a sort of birthday project.. These edges also turned out pretty neat after fiddling around with it a bit getting in some walls to get a basic shape done, the exit tunnel underneath the station is basically finished but I might come back to it when I make the front facade. Here we’re placing some broken wall pieces cause I wanted to give this station a feeling of being deteriorated and overgrown by nature. The witches influence if you will Still had to make sure that I won’t actually be chopping legs and heads here when the train moves out. And offcourse adding some rubble to give it a bit more dynamic also a bit of wood to show the broken structure of the walls and actually adding some rubble on them so that it’ll look like that there are still pieces of brick hanging on Last to do about this broken part is to copy it to the other side. And here comes the first water feature of this ride. It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t see the water effects very well in the dark, after all this is a darkride. So I’ll have to figur out some ways to work around that. I actually broke the wall down here to let it look like a tree has actually intruded into the station. Here is the first ‘magic’ thing I tried and that was to make it look like the water is actually flowing up. It does work but not really as how I imagined it but it still looked cool so it’s still in there ;P Here’s where I start on a structure for the roof. The whole station gets a custom roof with allot of wood in it, part count exploding Yay! This roof eventually worked out great! So I’ll let you guys enjoy it and talk to you guys a bit later on 😉 Well that is almost it for the station itself. I’m happy with how this roof turned out cause I wasn’t so sure in the beginning but as soon as I started adding those shrubs to the roof it started to look better. Also the lights in the middle of the station might be recognisable for some it was inspired by the lights you see along the roof in Droomvlucht from the Efteling (Netherlands). You saw me fiddling around with them a bit because all those lights became to bright at night So I had to make allot of them triggered so that they won’t actually work at night giving the whole a more serene look to it as you can quickly see when I switch betwiin day and nighttime Here we start on the feature that actually got me into this whole coaster. I wanterd to create a whole in the ground where it would actually seem that you’re looking into the depts of a lake or ocean. It wasn’t planned but the track underneath this part is actually right in the spot where I wanted that cave. So I decided to integrate it within the cave to make everything more interesting The coaster itself actually slows down hear and turns your seat forward so that you would look straight into the depts before pulling you up the lifthill This did cost allot of rockwork but that is something that we’ll probably see all through this ride. It was a bit hard to make it look diverse and detailed because it still is a small area to work in. but eventually it turned out and with adding some effects in the end like light and bubbles really brought everything together here There still is a bit of timelapse left and offcourse some cinematics at the end but I’ll be signing off Thank you for watching, let me hear what you think of this new project and enjoy the remainder of this video! Byebye and till next time!


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