Planet Dance: Body Talk – Part 1

Planet Dance A Visitor’s Guide to Contemporary Dance A Primer in Body Talk A three-step course in how dancers communicate If earth people know one thing about
dance people it’s that they don’t talk. That’s not strictly true because dancers
can talk, even if they don’t, usually. But it’s true enough. Which means that visitors to planet dance all arrive with the same question: if dancers don’t talk, how will I understand them? There is a way! Remember what we said earlier? Dancers are humanoids, just like you. That means you have the same kind of body. And that means you already share a
means of communication: Body Talk. We’ve put together three quick lessons to get you up to speed in Body Talk. Each lesson has a key idea,
summarised in one sentence. So really you only have to memorise
three lines to complete the course. How hard is that? Level 1 This part is dead easy. Using sophisticated technologies to
investigate the psychophysiological processes of reception and transmission neuroscientists have demonstrated that observation of danced action triggers mirror neurons
within the receiver’s sensorium through a process of sympathetic kinaesthesia. In other words, when you watch a dancer an echo of
their body appears inside yours. Basically dance gives you an inner dancer. So key idea number one is: watching dance makes you dance inside. As communication goes that is incredibly
direct. It doesn’t work like language because it’s
not something you understand it’s something you feel, something you


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