Planet Dance: Body Talk – Part 3

In level 1 we got in touch
with your inner dancer. Level 2 was a bit of a song-and-dance
number. In level 3 we look at Body Talk in context. Just as with actual talk, you understand body talk as part of a bigger picture The significance of the movement or a gesture depends on who is doing it, who they’re with, what they’re wearing, where they are – all sorts of things. The same is true of dance. It’s not just the art of movement. There’s costume, lighting, music, set maybe text or film as well. Sometimes those media converge, sometimes they’re designed to be independent or even in conflict. That’s a lot of things happening at once. In everyday life on Earth you usually process all that information pretty quickly into a workable understanding of what’s going on. But on Planet Dance watching movement isn’t about filtering information to get
the message, because – and here comes key idea number three – dance is art, not information. So, let’s go back to our first question. If dancers don’t talk, how will I understand them? Now that you’re at the end of the course you can see that understanding is not the important thing. You don’t need to get the point to
appreciate the experience. What you need is to get in touch with
your inner dancer tune in to the song of the body and open your senses to mixed and multiple media. So, does dance have a meaning? Yes and it’s as much about what you make of it as what it is. Well, that’s the end of
the course and there isn’t even an exam to pass! And now you’re up to speed on Body Talk why not go out and practice?

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