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Planet Dinar Blaino they can do not yet another video
tonight a 5 o’clock in the morning just about so on just doing a good deed on plankton
are you can see on the first page Google I’m not you were to be seen yet cuz I’m
doing my first video an article on that so hopefully I’ll be up here soon so here’s
the deal planet dinar and it’s just this little site right
here you know you have to be a member and you get some your suppose it updates on Intel and
other things about the different currencies his thing it’s not really worth it I
join you just to see what it would be like you know you get a couple these calls and you know I can listen play to
miss a call before start pulling my hair out and it’s not fun it’s because they’re
really now born calls that’s just me personally tell you what
I’m sayin on the smother information about you will
you know I least they tell their members you know where to exchange their 50 John notes and course
the you know they’ve probably they’re doing it with when these other
dinar companies which I need to get into on his but the only useful information I
came across it was they were saying big iraq new website any said Banco baghdad so I open it up in look at why
fine it actually looks like it’s a legitimate new site
burn you click the arcade section available since 2003 in one way or another you know the site
drop somebody else picks it up a drop someone else picks it up and drop some
aspects about that’s the nature the Internet but the
site actually been in its present form since about March 6 2013 you can’t see it
right here archived actually I didn’t get any new
information of the planet in our site I did find something you will find
interesting so its has done our intake need to be okay
any further problems an email to VND bonanza so you know you wanna research B&D
bonanza this is it right here its another site that is literally it’s
just like planet in our but with this site on you really have to
be a member and there’s information on you’re not supposed to know about see I got nine results and in 12 the
result is actually it’s something like an NDA me see if I
can open it up right now there it is so brings up some guy’s name and where
you wanna put your money in this is a very recent document I’ll ego and go back one more time and
then down here C currency ownership information be and
even answer that common you click that in can open up another document which is nother thing it’s sis Center information passport photo case
you don’t need this stuff that so that’s why I came across my fam
played narcissistic destroying movie around to different sites and I
don’t even know why they what we want this information node on registration forms it is really
crazy I would not deal with these guys if you want all the
information you can see it’s a bee and even ended up
com slash docs so if you just hope it up boom there’s
all the information a it’s not my fault guys you know
actually got in trouble for doing this kinda stuff when I was in high school
but I feel the fine stuff online that most people have no
idea how I found it I’m able find things that were duly eight years ago on the Internet so me just let you guys
know something if you put something on the internet it’s there forever you can’t hide its menu for me okay so going back to the planned on our site
yet i’d don’t you know I I don’t really see the point of the guys I really didn’t I didn’t see any useful
information others named that many members me scroll down to the page was the page
at yes oh this is that the planter Commons
man’s planos board you can just watch this again and to see
you what’s actually on there but guys like a massive
different things I’m sure some people are gonna like it but yeah it’s just not much there’s 584
members not that many members somebody just joined so I don’t know
guys I if you want to join us go ahead it’s
like four bucks a month but it I did not find any anything useful on
here I couldn’t find for free online and as
you know I have global currency reset dotnet I have been
RB news dot net planet dinar and their free sites plus I have YouTube
videos that I keep up to date information on just like the one that were actually
recording right now as you can see your recording live YouTube video but anyways guys I that’s my review for
planet done are in now Plano either is an article that goes
along with this and you can see the article and some the information I posted like
there’s a there’s a something from Plano from 2011 talking about we’re not going to
discuss rates than unexposed he starts talking about
rates so cashing in people are cashing in we got
confirmations that people are cashing in at 5:25 come on and then again in 2014 still still talking about the Zimbabwe dollar
which has already been revalued that he still talking about how much
you’re gonna make and no one calls minus like where did you
hear about this it’s not in the news sake it’s it’s like
is making this stuff up anyways guys so that its I don’t really see the point in planet in
our if you guys have already joined it then okay fine you’re stuck but I you know I
join just to see was like four bucks and checked it out and said yeah it’s not really worth it did not
get anything good out a bit so hopefully this video helps I would say before for bucks for bucks a
month actually on in the league to my article review is
here in the video description there’s gonna be a thumbs up when you’re
done watching and please do that and blaino leave me a comment so I know how what you guys think and maybe in a
few days a this bill might be shown up on the first page Google when people search for
I am people search for I dominoes me that I
found it yeah but who is guys I will attack the
same have a great evening right planet dinar


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