Planet Express | Futurama

Planet Express is on the move, for this hip,
young delivery company tomorrow is today and today is yesterday. After over 100 deliveries made, the company
flames onwards, with limitless potential and boundless horizons. The unstoppable juggernaut of the corporate
universe. In another, truer sense, Planet Express exists
mainly to fund the research of Professor Hubert J Farnsworth, provide storage for his multitude
of doomsday devices, and serve as a cheap labor pool. Despite the near monopoly on package delivery
held by Mom’s Friendly Delivery Company and the occasional upstart like Awesome Express,
Planet Express has managed to not only survive, but pay a substandard wage to almost all of
its employees. The company stays in business in part thanks
to their complete disregard for safety and minimum wage laws, as well as Professor Farnsworth’s
lack of morals and decency. In its earliest days, Planet Express was made
up of Captain Lando Tucker, a dedicated young man with no characteristics, Candy, a raunchy
by-the-books navigator, the devastatingly handsome forklift, Lifter, and also Zoidberg. The crew was sadly swallowed whole by a four-dimensional
space whale on their first delivery, with only Zoidberg surviving. Despite this setback, Planet Express continued
onwards and this initial incident became the first in a proud tradition of regularly losing
delivery crews in the line of duty. Those that survived to become fixtures at
Planet Express included Hermes Conrad, a grade 36 bureaucrat who served as the company’s
accountant, and Amy Wong – an intern. The company entered a new era in the year
3000 when it hired Turanga Leela to serve as captain, Bender Bending Rodriguez to be
assistant manager of sales, and Professor Farnsworth’s distant uncle and grandfather,
Philip J. Fry as an executive delivery boy, first class. Despite a litany of disasters and near collapses,
the company sputtered along. In 3002, Steve Castle, a stockbroker from
the 1980s, also known as “That Guy”, replaced Professor Farnsworth as CEO. Under That Guy’s leadership, the Planet
Express crew was transformed into a neckless herd of sharks and embarked on a bold campaign
of decisive expansion reminiscent of Imperial Germany. Despite its daring rebranding and aggressive
marketing campaign, Planet Express was nearly sold to and gutted by Mom’s Friendly Delivery
Company. Only the death of That Guy due to severe boneitis
and the intervention of Fry saved the company and prevented its staff from retiring as millionaires. In 3005 the company was briefly shut down
by the Box Network and just two years later, Planet Express celebrated its 100th delivery,
averaging almost ten per year. Planet Express’s delivery ship and sole
member of their space warfare branch is the USS Planet Express Ship, also known as Bessie. The Planet Express ship is a craft of Professor
Farnsworth’s own design, featuring a comprehensive array of redundant systems and powerful weaponry. At sea, it is capable of withstanding between
0 and 1 atmospheres of pressure. The ship is powerful enough to withstand the
Robot Mafia, Space Pirates, Omicronians, and, at times, even utilized in the defense of
Earth or forced into service with the Democratic Order of Planets. The ship, and the company itself are based
in New New York, where Planet Express maintains a spacious headquarters. Like a green snake in a sugar cane field,
the future of Planet Express is mysterious and confusing. But one thing is certain, if they can hit
that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards… checkmate. The Templin Institute investigates alternate
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