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Hello everyone this is Running On Empty Food Review. So today we’re back at Planet Wings this time for an actual wing review, not uh, not a burger. So uh I was browsing the menu. And I was saying to myself: “What wing flavor should I get?” Y’know I already reviewed the medium wings a long time ago, but I reviewed them nonetheless. So I was browsing around… and uh, by suggestion of another person… I decided to order the Suicidal Wings and those are the hottest wings on the menu And, y’know, coming from a place that usually specializes in wings “Suicidal – the hottest there is”, it’s probably pretty hot; not gonna lie. So I’ve never seen these before I don’t even know what they look like, let alone taste like. I dunno if they’ll be the hottest ones I’ve ever had or maybe not. I dunno what to expect; I got my water here, I’ve got some napkins here. I’ve got a phone nearby to make an emergency 9-1-1 call if necessary. So let’s open this up and take a look at them…alright. I got ten of them, by the way and they are boneless. Here are the wings They’re a pretty deep – Deep red; almost like a brown in color Smelling them, they already do have almost the smell that’s similar to – that’s almost like hot y’know, I dunno how to describe it but There’s definitely some peppers or spices or something in there. That’s definitely Giving off a strong scent And I could tell they’re pretty thoroughly coated in uh – What I’m guessing is a pretty hot sauce and it also looks like they do have some sort of pepper seasoning on… Of course, included as always, is your emergency celery sticks and Some blue cheese that I usually touch neither, but we’ll see what will become this time around. Sinking my fork into this one here Examining it… It’s pretty nice looking wing though – I mean for a boneless one Alright may as well, just pop this in first time trying the inferno, er – not the uh – Suicidal Wings from Planet Wings Tryin’ ’em, alright, let’s see. Let’s see how hot they really are… Going in. Holy geez. Whew, that’s hot! Oh my God, I’ll tell ya… Get the straw here first… That one wing… holy crap. That’s hot. As soon as I bit into it, and I’m saying this with my mouth burning My entire face, and it still is, literally, like rushed with blood My mouth is on fire… as is my throat and my… Neck and all of that… A pressure, unlike any other built up into my ears. I’m on the verge of tearing right now Not gonna lie, whew! Man that’s hot must say Without a doubt, this is the hottest wing I ever had I’ve been tearing up, good God Alright Okay, I just had a breakdown like I’m crying and whatever but uh Now I can finally talk. It’s somewhat subsiding Maybe all my nerves got shot… I must say – here’s what happened From the first bite: Immediately – I don’t know what they put in; habanero or whatever From the first bite literally my entire face filled with blood like A pressure unlike any other my eyes then watered pressure built up in my ears And then came the real *sniff* heat My mouth became an inferno, my throat burned, as did my entire passage to my stomach. My eyes watered, my nose ran And every time I exhale, an added heat comes about Without a doubt – I will say: This is the hottest wing I’ve ever had Without question! I could also say it’s the first time tears have been shed on this show since 2011. And what – what, do I have 9 of these left? God help us all Now we’re startin’ hittin’ the reserves All that for one wing It’s gonna be a tough night… tell you that The wing itself though, they actually tasted adequate – no complaints there But trust me when you try these You’re not even gonna be able. You’re not gonna be able to even taste the wing That sauce is gonna be so overpowering It’s gonna leave you like a mess like me Well, out of ten… Yeah, I have nothing against this – they’re hot. I’ll give em’ a 9. And for what they’re worth… 10 of these is worth – 10 of these is worth approximately $7 Right now – finally the flames, when exhaling, have subsided But my tongue is literally numb, alright? I’m not joking there either I literally can’t feel my tongue like that’s how hot it is and You may think I’m hyping this up, but you saw that reaction It’s pretty damn hot and I’ll just say that now Now it’s pretty damn hot Quite frankly… Yeah, I don’t know. Literally – I wasn’t expecting that from the first bite It – my entire face just filled up with like… I have no idea – with just heat. It was like a heat wave; my eyes watered, my nose ran, my entire mouth is on fire my throat was burning… My entire – the entire way down to my stomach was burning and Then finally after drinking so much water and having so many celery sticks and half a Red Bull Quench the flame in my mouth, but that every time out of exhale, as in talking for instance It’ll come back. Yeah, my lips themselves are also burning Though I don’t really care, can’t really feel them. And the tongue itself is pretty numb But I’m still giving these a 9 because let’s face it: even though I couldn’t even taste the wing It lived up to its name, and it’s hot and I commend the, y’know, the chef for making them this way and I commend whoever came up with the idea for these And I got 9 of these left See you in the emergency room! Thank you. This is Running On Empty and today we “reviewed” very painfully, at that the Suicidal Wings from Planet Wings And indeed they were the hottest I’ve had thank you very much for watching, and now I’m gonna have to do some recovery and That’s all. That’s all folks. I’ll see you next time take it easy and Go out and get these and try ’em for yourself. Take care


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