Planet Zoo Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

hello guys and welcome to my tutorial
for the game planet zoo so first things first looking at the basic controls to
tilt the camera old middle mouse click and while holding middle mouse click you
can also rotate the camera will to go down press Q on the keyboard to go up
press E so that should give you the basics and then W a s and D will move
around so that’s navigation for you now obviously this game the purpose of it is
to make a zoo but you have to make sure that all your animals are as happy as
possible what I would really recommend is to go through the career mode do the
first few levels at least because then you’ll get a really good understanding
of how to set everything up and also as well that will help you when you want to
make a franchise zoo the franchisor is essentially your own zoo that you want
to make and it will teach you everything you need to know about the staff areas
about the different stuff you can hire what they need to do but most
importantly we have to put emphasis on the animals so I pause the game you can
pause the game in the bottom right of the screen here and you can even speed
it up if you want to speed up but I’ve paused for the sake of it with each
animal you can click on them to look at their welfare so I can see this animal
is a hundred percent happy in every way let’s actually try and find one which is
not happy so what you can do is you can click here at the bottom left on zoo you
can click this tab animals and then you can see their welfare
so let’s order it by the ones who are the least happy so my least half the
animal is this Indian peafowl if I want to go straight to him I can click this
button here and it will take me straight to that P file ok so I need to see you
know why is he so upset what’s going on so nutrition ok
so animal is starving he requires a keeper
oh so last meal quality was moderate okay so I
would have to look through this habitat that he’s in and make sure that there’s
enough heating but we will let’s take a look so we have the different tabs as
well when you select an animal which gives you more information about the
specific type of welfare issues they have so for example in this game you
have nutrition so food and water and software that some animals require a
swimming hole like the Tigers and so on and then you also have the social aspect
the social aspect for example can be is there enough animals for them to share
the environment with maybe there isn’t enough so if there’s two if maybe
there’s not enough space you know there’s it does break it down
for you and it will highlight to you if any of these are a problem the habitat
it will tell you about the issue of the actual pin that they’re being kept in is
it clean enough is it big enough does it have the right type of plants because if
you have filled it with one just the animals are just not used to or they
don’t provide any cover or you know they’re just not happy with it then
they’ll have issue with the plants available in the environment so what I
can do here you can click here on the environment tab you can see here that
generally they’re ok with the plants but they there is too much coverage so and
it says here that the ideal plant for them is plants that originated from Asia
so what you can do is you can click on here habitat ok and let’s say you want a
filter to see what is useful for the P file you can click this filter you go to
here species and we can select Indian P file ok so it will select and filmer for
you things which are useful for this specific animal so be sure to use the
filter because there is a lot of options available and you might get lost
essentially with all of the issues that they have so first things first I’m
gonna look at the issue of nourishment okay so let’s look at the food and water
let’s make sure that they have enough food bowls okay and one thing that they
will say as well because we ended out like a couple more P files do this as
part of the tutorial so I just want to make sure that we have enough places for
the keepers to come and place food the keepers will automatically come and
place food and clean the mess and stuff like that as time goes on so placing
them is okay wherever now what you just have to make
sure is is that when you place things like feeding locations or drinking
locations ideally you want to put it in a place where the guests can actually
see it see the animal because the more they see the more happier they are the
more they will donate to the donation bins and that is a way to make money in
this game and essentially what you really want to do to have a successful
zoo is one your number one priority has to be the animals then your number two
priority has to be the guests so make sure the animals are happy make sure the
animals are safe that they are taking care taken care of in every way possible
and the happier they are the easier it will be for the guests because simply as
was Jurassic world evolution the less stress they are the less likely they are
to try and fight and escape and cause trouble and stuff like that now there is
a tutorial mode in the second career mode which essentially just tells you
how to deal with animals which have escaped and how to get them back now
also as well you should keep an eye on this tab here the animal alerts so this
can tell me right away that these animals have low welfare that these
animals are hungry and so on so don’t ignore this make sure that like I said
number one the animals are your priority because this planet Zoo is not Planet
guests so you really want to make sure that they are taking care with
hundred percent and also as well when you’re building a habitat you need
to make sure that the guests can actually see them so if for example like
you have a habitat I think I’ve got one which is just bricked off I think it was
my lion enclosure but let me let me see if I can find it and essentially that
the guests cannot see them then essentially what’s the point so you need
to make sure that the guests can see them that’s why you have the glass
barriers and so on but initially you might just have to make make do without
it so for example let me let me explain this one okay
this is for the ostriches I’ve put all of their enrichment all their food right
next to the viewing gallery the guests can see them and they can donate okay
now very very close to it we have here the lion enclosure which I just just
built but because I just built it I haven’t actually made a viewing gallery
yet so and also as well certain animals in the wall needs to be a certain height
so for example they were they suggested for the Tigers that the will be minimum
three point seven meters high otherwise they will try and escape essentially
they could they could just simply jump over it and the last thing you want is
Tigers running around your zoo and potentially attacking people so now what
you can do let’s say for example I want to replace this section of the wall with
glass okay so that the guests can see them we can say here glass see so I
double-clicked it to select that point I clicked on glass and it replaced it for
me it changed the height you click this and you can drag it higher lower and so
on but we’ll keep it the same height as the rest so that’s what that icon means
these icons here are to select the barrier so let’s say for example I want
to select more and more and more I can hold left click and I can select the
entire Barrow if in theory I could also like
make it that all of the barrier is glass but obviously I’m not gonna do that some
animals do require privacy they do need a some some case some place they can
hide so that they can get away from the guests because they also get stressed
out you know they are living beings just like humans so some animals do need
privacy they need to feel that there is a place for them to escape so one good
option which is explained in the tutorial mode is that when the animals
are resting in their habitat or in their cave or in in their their secret place
let’s say you might want the guests to be able to see them but the way that
they can maintain their privacy is by using one-way glass so for example I
found it here this Snow Leopard he likes his privacy so when he wants his privacy
he goes into this cave this cave you can see there’s glass some people can watch
him resting but it would stress him out if he’s trying to rest and everyone’s
glaring at him but this glass here is actually one way it’s one way glasses
you can see here one-way glass it’s a bit more expensive than normal glass but
it’s worth it for the animals privacy so they don’t get stressed out now there is
other more advanced things for the game which I might cover in a different video
like you can put up these signs to give information about the animals there’s
also the different facilities you can make you know here’s information you can
make restaurants as toilets this everything you need to do but I will
make in the future a future franchise video so but that’s basically it guys
number one take care of the needs of the animals number two take care of the
needs of the guests make sure as well that when you’re placing the facilities
for the vets for the zookeepers for all the staff that they’re not too far away
from the animal enclosures so they don’t have to travel a million
miles – but let’s say for example he wants food you don’t want the zookeeper
to be at the other end of the zoo and take like an hour to get here and what
you can also do to help yourself is you can place zoo huts next to sort of
habitats which are far away from everything just so that food can be
stored closer to it just so the food doesn’t have to be carried across the
whole zoo and the main thing of this is it’s just just go have fun
you know if especially if you start in franchise mode go have fun
you could lose many many hours to this there’s some really good videos on
YouTube already with people have really good ideas of how to make their zoos I
would really recommend some some people spend dozens of hours maybe and
potentially hundreds of hours to design one zoo so make sure to check them out
and so on but that’s my basic tutorial for the game planet zoo I am intending
to play a huge amount and the last thing would be is you have here the
bottom-left the different maps like you have in Jurassic world evolutions so you
can see here animal welfare any issues habitat so you can look at the
temperature is a temperature appropriate for the animals that they have water do
they have a power if they don’t have power make sure to add transformer so
they have maximum coverage and so on so but like I said if you do the in-game
career mode there’s a very good in-game tutorial that takes you through one step
at a time so but I just wanted to help you get a
legs up and in the game yeah so you get the most out of it I would highly
recommend this game it’s very fun I played the betta I had a lot of fun with
it and I am looking forward to my
adventures in the future so anyway guys if you like that video be
sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over there you
can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe
thank you guys bye bye


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