PocketWizard E Release at Lone Rock Point in Burlington, VT

My name is Michael Heeney I’m a
photographer here in Burlington Vermont my studio here I shoot a lot of products
and portraits for my commercial clients PocketWizard came to me with the E Release, a new firmware upgrade giving even more range and reliability
I love outdoors and I love to shoot landscapes that’s really close to the
lake we have amazing sunsets here. This new area recently opened up to climbers
Lone Rock point here in Burlington Tim Heaghney a good friend of mine
for about 15 years I’ve always known him as an amazing climber he’s climbed all
over the world he has a project there it’s a nun climbed route when I knew Tim
was working on that route I really wanted to try and document at utilizing
PocketWizard’s new technology my vision of the shoot I wanted to be on the wall
with him because that’s kind of the most important shot but I wanted to set up
some remote cameras you know it helped me to be basically in four places at
once I swam one camera out to Lone Rock and set it up on a tripod there had another one on the wall someone next
to Tim and another one behind me on the rock on the shore so with the
PocketWizard triggers I was able to capture multiple
angles with one click of my shutter while I was on the wall
everything else was synching to my camera sometimes when I’m in an extreme
location or shooting extreme sports you know that there might be not it might
not be line-of-sight there might be a lot of interference so I really rely on
PocketWizard distance to accomplish what I needed to
do pocket Wizards are always in my camera bag I’m always using them it’s a
very versatile piece of equipment I can use it to trigger remote cameras trigger
remote flashes it’s just always in my bag so why pocket wizard it has a much
greater range and it allows me to work in situations where there’s a lot of
radio interference such as low in rock point with the rocks and the water my
gear is my lifeline because I rely on it on a daily basis and a lot of times what
I’m doing I only have one chance to get the shot so I need to be able to rely on
the cameras and the equipment and the pocket Wizards to accomplish what I need
to get done the first time

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