Portraits of a planet: Earth from space

Later, from a V-2 Rocket, you got the most graphic, actual pictures yet taken by a camera showing how the earth looks from a point 70 miles in space. Though no man has yet ventured more than 15 miles from his earth, you now know how this planet will look below you when you finally venture beyond that height. In its gantry at Cape Canaveral, Florida, a Thor-Able rocket is ready to carry this weather observation satellite on a new space adventure, and on command, send their scannings back to earth. Another space triumph for the US which is explained to Ike at the White House by Space Agency head, Glennan, who produces a picture sequence of the satellite scannings. Success in space… Lunar Orbiter 2 heads for the moon… It inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquillity to earth. Suddenly, to see this delicate, colourful, little planet of ours coming up over the stark lunar horizon, it was the difference between the two that I think impressed me, and which I think helped make the Earthrise picture iconic for the environmentalists and others. In the whole Earth catalogue, the Earth Days, the various laws that flowed subsequent to that picture… I wouldn’t say that picture was the only reason, but it certainly was an important reason, motivating folks to take better care of our planet. It’s got to be the most incredible earth-observing mission ever, both on quality of the data, the global survey aspects of the data, and then the incredible longevity.


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