Hello everybody welcome to another video on the Reação Imediata channel and today we will react again to a video of the channel Alip Ba Ta, he is an indonesian artist plays the guitar incredibly he will play canon rock music. And we hope you enjoy this reaction! And if you are not subscribed to the channel, subscribe if already subscribed, enable notifications and our instagram link is in the description of all videos. So let’s check out this video, he’s a great Indonesian artist, he plays the guitar very well! So let’s go to the most important The most important thing now is Alip Ba Ta! Let’s go to the reaction! Wow, he really is always skillful and agile He plays very fast. nd the interesting thing is that he does the percussion, but he does it so smoothly sometimes it doesn’t look like he’s really doing it. It is true. What catches the eye too is that he again does the percussive part on the guitar and he also changes the rhythm of the song the tempo of the song is changed. And it gets something very interesting! Because something soft becomes more agitated, faster And this song, canon rock, it sounds to me like some classical music. I may be mistaken … I think it’s a classic song, but it’s playing a different way. Amazing I didn’t expect him to play something like that. I was also surprised … Because usually some musicians who play guitar, do it simplistically but he inserts ornaments that makes the melody so beautiful! Perfect! No doubt… -Wow this sound is beautiful!
-Exactly Wow!! very beautiful he is very talented and he was able to play a song that has a beautiful and soft sound, and he kept it through the guitar. But sometimes it also changes the tempo of the song. Truth. I noticed something interesting he is percussive on the guitar, making the bea in a few moments he does using this smaller finger and at other times he uses the other fingers. And he made a very good sound right ?! And the drums he made at the time of the song. Guys, he really is very skilled he uses a lot of harmonics to make this sound guys, amazing! He is more skilled and has great agility in his hands. But this is our opinion, now we want your opinion did you like this beautiful performance of Alip Ba Ta? Make more video suggestions from him. suggest your favorite song played by him. Click the liked share the video and help us reach the 50,000 subscribers by the end of the year! We hope you enjoyed this video and see you in the next reaction! Tchau (Goodbye)

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