Reincarnation From Another Planet Part 6 – Maldek Personality Traits – Russian Boy From Mars

Reincarnation From Another Planet -Maldek Personality Traits -Russian Boy From Mars (Part 6) brought to you by Anthony’s future you
newest open the description below from Whitefish they get diagnosed with manic
depression and anxiety disorder without cause because of the symptoms they often
incarnate as archaeologists to seek anything from their kind that has been
left all over this planet as a lot of them came here they will have had
lifetimes here in hot areas deserts and especially ancient Egypt veil of wisdom
and never have to read a book they will already know what everything is about
which is why they get bored here so very easily they are strong-willed stubborn
and stay off into the backgrounds of places to observe others they are
outgoing but most of the time they try to be quiet as not to miss anything they
are also very untrusting and will not have many relationships in life they
rarely settle down and when they do it is with one person that they feel will
understand them then it will be for life they have a real sense of humor and are
a bitter slapstick crude laughter is what heals and these souls will laugh at
anything even acting really see to entertain themselves although they have
a good nature and other type that would do anything for anyone they do have a
darker side to them people like them but they do not like other people
they are loners but seem to be well known and outgoing around others they
are secretive not allowing anyone in to see their true colors except those who
are just like them they are great at lying but not to be a bad person it is
their mechanism of coping by not letting anyone know what they truly think or
feel they’re quite happy being alone but they are not the forgiving type for to
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